Monday, 19 August 2013

Artistic makeup

Okay so I have been delving more into artistic makeup this last month, due to one of my favourite makeup artistist challenging us to do our favourite icon. Now if we got over 10-15 entries we could then add another ... If we so wished.

Now my first entry was of course. 
Anne Boleyn - she is my icon as I love that period in time but she was way ahead of hers. She lived when men were the dominator and women were submissive but she changed this through her daughter Elizabeth the firsts rule. 

Also it's post beheading hence the bloody bandage. 

So then we were allowed another entry horrahhhhhhh.

Mine was, Mother Earth as I believe she makes everything grow and keep in balance but she is a true icon as life is a pure miracle. 

So the infinity symbol I choose for life and also the flowers detail .... I literally did not know how to do them as my brushes are not fine enough or even meant for this creative work. 

Now I did a third entry but decided not to enter it as I classed it more on the hair and was quite, subdued on the makeup.

It was,  Florence nightingale whom founded nursing sterile techniques and also is my hero. As I'm in hospital a lot so she makes me happy that we have a safe clean environment.

So what do you think of my artistic works ? As I loved it and I love my regular looks but this is a lovely thing to do every now and again. 



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you hun, I certainly will if you like them a lot xxx

      It's a lot of fun I must admit :0D xxxxxx


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