Tuesday, 13 August 2013

SparklyNails - Nail Fluffy flock

Now I admit this nail review from Sparkly Nails had me in a bit of a tizz for a few weeks as I could not get the hang of the technique.
I got there woo finally ......

However finally I cracked my mistake and saw the error of what I was doing. So I am on the regular blogger programme and have done decals so far and now I'm experiencing fluffy flock. Which is a fur effect but to get an even and nice coat you need to sieve the flock onto a polish of the same colour. Then leave to dry and remove the excess with a nail fan brush. (very inexpensive and I have a full nail art kit which had 2 sizes).

You may think why do I need the fan brush ? Well if you rub the flock you could ruin the nail effect and it can be used again if you fan it off. So it's literally worth the small expense for this effect. 
Now I used a yellow flock of the two I was sent and you may notice my nails are a tad shorter and its because they snapped on me, silly no nail file in bag and damage done. So yes let's just say investing in a nail kit for my bag is the next item i will purchase. 

But back to the nail flock, I will say this is not a run and go look. It takes time and patience to not want to rub the flock off too soon and that's my downfall. I was rubbing the flock off before it had set into the polish, also I used the flat side of my fan brush (metal bit) to tap lightly on the nail bed so the flock adhered to the polish. You need a extremely light hand. But I like the look at the end and will do this with the blue flock next and use some stencils to do multicolour effects when I'm more proficient. However it was a brilliant step to learn and new skill I now am mastering, so yes they are not perfect but they will be with my persistence and the flock is a vast bottle that won't run out any time soon. 

If your into more experimental nail art then I would recommend this to try as its amazing fun, plus different is always a new area to try. Thank you Sparkly nails for your patience with me, as i did take a while to perfect this. Now please don't think omg a blogger had trouble, I was a serial nail bitter till a year ago, so these skills are why i take a little more time on the fiddly items. I had acrylics on my nails for years and thats why they are at that snappy, bendy time whilst they toughen up.  Get your girlfriends over and have a wicked girls night in with this fluffy flock. 

Ive linked a professional tutorial from Sparkly nails and also the website links. 

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  1. Well that certainly does look a bit different to apply but glad you got the hang of it. I have never heard of them.


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