Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pure Hart Cosmetics- Lipsticks and Lipgloss ( Part 1)

Now mineral makeup il admit is something I'm just getting into and I've become interested as to how it would help my skin. So I found a company called Kay hart mineral makeup, whom kindly allowed me to trial the line. (Can't thank Kay enough) The website is currently being re-worked but you can still order via the original site. Offering skincare, mineral makeup and nail colours and art. 
So this first post will be on the lipstick and lip-glosses. I was sent 3 of each and they look similar but they apply very different. In this picture is also the mascara I will be using this week in my looks to show the eyeshadow colours post which will follow this post.

So with the lipsticks as with all mineral lipsticks can be a little less finely milled then commercial kinds. This being the mineral and Kay kindly explaining to allow the lipstick to warm a little so that it applies with ease, this did help and also Improved with the colour payoff. They are matte to the touch and I would pair these with the glosses below as I feel the colours do compliment. However a simple balm would be sufficient to help remove the matte feeling. In saying that we are in summer so chapped lips are not so much of a problem. 

Petal - 094

Parisian Pink - 100

Poppy - 103

Now the glosses we move onto as you can see come on the swatch a little dark but when applied do tone down to the natural lip colour and these glosses really did impress me. 

Lipgloss - Merlot 097G

I love how merlot is a deep rich reddish gloss yet when applied brings more of a rich berry feel to the lips and makes them stand out. 

Lipgloss - Champagne 101G

Champagne was beautiful as a rosey gold and when applied have that natural look with a hint of golden depth to the lips. Very nice day-time gloss which will compliment a whole host of looks.

Lipgloss - Temptation 108G 

Temptation was a nude colour and again looked dark but when applied it really works to the lips natural colour. I was very impressed.  So overall the lipsticks do take and need a bit of warming up but when they do apply (every mineral lipstick I've tried has a little gritty feeling) but that doesn't mean they are not good quality. Especially when looking for natural makeup. They lip-glosses were my favourite with the colours and application. Not to sticky on the lips and doesn't look overly glossy. Again I like that the glosses don't shine overly glossy. They are like a mix of gloss and lipstick to my feeling. So while you could apply these over a lipstick, you can also use these alone and make them the perfect handbag lip product. The wand in the lipgloss made it easy to apply, so if your looking for a natural makeup supplier then have a look at Kay's supply.

The website is under a new construction and I am contributing alot more looks with Kay's amazing mineral makeup. The eyeshadows are amazing and the concealers I've used already which is amazing to set undereye concealers and also neautralize any skin tone issues you may have. 


  1. Wow,amazing colors....I really like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you nessa,
      I appreciate your support and I'd love to read your blog.
      Plus talk and see how products compare.

      Kindest regards


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