Friday, 13 September 2013

HD brows Kit - In foxy for brunettes

HD brows well known for its treatments at spas and salons to maintain eyebrow care. They released a selection of products but the one that is well known is the brow kit. Now I'm a brunette so the Foxy kit is my shades, they have kits for blondes and especially dark hair.

They say 
For super-sharp salon brows - our Eye&Brow Palette makes it easy to maintain that freshly groomed look. The long-lasting, anti-smudge powders stay in place all day to keep your brows perfect.

Includes a versatile brush, a nude and carbon shadow and two brown tone powders – everything you need for perfect brows. 

‘Bombshell’ is best for fair hair and skin. 
‘Vamp’ is best for medium hair and skin. 
‘Foxy’ is best for dark hair and skin.

So the kit is very impressive packaging being black with a gold embossed "HD brows" logo and the kit you have. So once opened the top of the compact has a paper and plastic covering to prevent scratches and damage. 
Now for a kit I am aware there are cheaper and more budget friendly kits, which I'm all for and have used for quite a while thinking "Brow kit, all the same thing... Right". Rarely do I admit I'm wrong and certain items I think, yes you need to spend more to get quality. I'm not rolling in money and save. Now honestly this is pigmented as brow powder in my opinion should be with all the blending for a natural effect. However the one thing (of a few) that made me go wow, was the lack of throw up from my angled brush. The brush in this kit is ok for a kit brush and I would use it, again another point. Unless I was out from morning till night I would not need too. My brows were on point for hours.

That's something I've not had in a brow kit, I've always had to touch up and yes they last ages as well you only need so much powder on a brow. 
I've tried powders, pens, pencils, tints and nothings I've felt comfortable with other then my brush and powder kit. This does retail at what some people perceive as expensive but honestly. The colour mix is more to my shade and I compared that alot of kits come reddish undertones
for brunettes. This doesn't and it was so natural everyone was like wow, before it was a 15 minute job to fluff and colour right to blend etc. Now not even 5 minutes, plus the tweezers included are I think amazing. Some women don't like sharp tweezers however I do as I get really small hairs just a few millimetres above my crease so they need to be a point for me to remove. They don't hurt and I've found it useful when you notice a hair to have a mini set and just remove it.

I'm so impressed with this kit. I would purchase this again. As its lasting power as well as just sheer value for the use you will receive is second to none. Amazing quality product if you cannot use HD Brows salon to hand. 

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