Tuesday, 10 September 2013

hummmm its coming to Autumn again.... say what ???

Ok so Autumn is coming, am I the only one going... How did that happen ? 
I won't lie August was a blink for me, I literally blinked and went wooooow September what the mac ? 

Now Christmas saving and yes I'm one of those people whom starts in July saving and then goes in a spin (for no reason, just Christmas makes us go into some weird spin).
So yes I've started to save and now a days I think everyone has, so il be doing some top ten bargains I stock up on now as well its not Christmas. They are generally cheaper and also take alot of stress off me. Also my husband clears and "Xmas cupboard". In the kitchen and our Xmas empty present boxes now start to be filled. So the cupboard il fill with those non perishable items we use over the festive period and I find buying one bottle of alcohol each month means no huge Christmas bill come December. 

I won't lie I spend £30 per month to do this get a gift and some items like stocking fillers which can retails from
25p upwards now out of season. So I can get a fair amount. So if anyone would like me to do a run up to Christmas seasonal help list then, just comment below and more then happy too. Plus I'm going to be running a Christmas Giveaway with a few presents for my lovely and loyal subscribers. 

So again any ideas for prizes let me know below. Also halloween looks you think i could create.


  1. seriously hun I have no idea how that happened, One min it was June and the next the leafs are starting to change colors! I love the Fall though, summer is nice but sometimes the cooler weather is a nice break. I LOVE Christmas! The trees, the lights, the Christmas carols and I think the season just gives off a warmth. My birthday is on Dec 24th so I begin celebrating about a week or 2 in advance and then the day of plus more celebrations on Christmas! My family always asks if I ever get tired of opening gifts because I get birthday and Christmas gifts from everyone back to back lol.


  2. Oh wow same babes, my hubbie bday is like Xmas week so he has the same situation and its mental


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