Monday, 9 September 2013

Illamasqua - Fundemental palette

I will defiantly not deny my love for illamasqua products due to the amazing diversity of there range. They set themselfs apart from the rest and for this have come to be known for amazing quality. This palette just shows how diverse by putting different textures inside a palette that some people may not be used to using. 

They say
Experiment with contrasting textures, from glistening Liquid Metal in molten pewter to matt Cream Pigment in mint green, to express every inch of you alter ego. Coupled with two vibrant Powder Eye Shadows in Hype (bold yellow) and Inception (rich violet), prepare for unparalleled levels of nonconformity

From a liquid metal to a cream shadow then two shadows. The silver is a liquid metal, Along with the green being a beautiful cream eyeshadow but not with shimmer and the perfect medium to pull these colours together or a base to a vibrant look. 
I don't believe there should be rules with makeup. Experiment and play around, obviously there are some pointers I would use if going out but in the privacy of your own home... Go wild. This is the beauty of make-up, it gives you that freedom to grab these colours and be free to experiment plus without a compromise on quality. It's pigments and blending are second to none, so if your new please utilise YouTube makeup artists tutorials as I'm no makeup artist and not claiming to be. 

I love makeup and experiment as much as possible with my looks. I'm just so glad I can use colours of this quality and a lovely range to make it so easy to work with. I'm venturing more into artistic work and being more experimental so I hope this shows.  

I will show you all I can on pigmentation, lasting and application to my level and believe me, I've hit some major levels in my time lol as you who know my goth era will no doubt pull a few gems out.
Confidence is key if you want to rock a hot yellow... Then life gives you one chance and believe me its all in good fun. Be free and dare to be bold if its calling you, Neons are just holding the season and with autumn/fall,
muted reds and neutrals coming back to go with the beautiful season of autumn. So make use if the time left. 

Also I have used the maybelline chromatics and I wish I knew these were limited edition and can I ask the question no ones asking... WHY maybelline ??? WHY ??? But that's another review. 

So back to this palette the pigments are amazing, blendable and just amazing. My kind of palette totally and if the yellow looks scary, then its a fabulous colour to pop golds and bronze colours lightly blended underneath as a base. I've found so if your looking for bold illamasqua is your shop to go. 
If unsure then go in as I'm sure the lovely staff will give you all the help you need.


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    1. love bold plus makes it easier for looks :O)
      hope your well hun xx

  2. This is such an amazing palette - perfect for haloween looks!



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