Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nourish - Argan skin renew


So this year I have been so blessed to be able to trial and tell all you my readers and afar of this amazing natural brand. There products started for me with a simple mini kit which was just amazing to so many of there lovely offerings. It really saw me evaluate my skincare regime much more closely with the hormonal issues I was having but how to deal with it in a more natural way.  So I was so kindly sent the Argan skin renew. 

                     They say 

Containing extracts from the miraculous Rose of Jericho to detect changes in the skin and repair & hydrate dramatically based on skin type and environment. Skincare is proactive, protective and individual. Advanced cellular enzymes help respond to damage and repair skin, whilst also reducing water loss and improving hydration. Cellular density is also imporved and effects of environmental and oxidative stress are reduced.  Clinically shown to increase skin hydration by 25% for 24 hours. Immediately replenishes moisture by 80%, 85% Organic.

It came in this lovely nourish box which has a simple logo but so professional and in touch with the times. I was also sent so kindly 2 samples of the golden shimmer, I know this product goes far and I've the big size. I've given a few samples of my full sized, to friends and family in sample jars. To show them how amazing it is and can turn a simple foundation to a luminous glow, highlight or even body shimmer. It's so multi-tasking and that's why I love it. 

So the Argan skin renew which was kindly sent is beautiful and rich cream, perfect for boosting hydration. Especially for the incoming winter season when dry patches are rife and hard to control. You want to wear makeup to cover this problem but worry that it will highlight these areas so skincare regime is essential. 

With the Argan skin renew it takes the properties of the Argan oil and vitamin E to maintain the skins anti ageing properties and appearance. Also the Rosé of Jericho is a naturally known source to boost the skins hydration. Therefore with this mix it's helping to naturally help the skins own properties then using artificial additives other creams use to achieve this. It's why I've been so impressed with natural brands this year and come to have a wonderful skincare routine with a few core products I know I can rely on. This now being one of them. I love Argan oil and I found it is a cream I will take down to my décolletage area aswell to maintain its hydration. 

A little goes a long way so you will only need a tiny amount on your fingers to rub into the skin and leave to absorb. This also absorbs very easily and is a light cream that you can apply as and when you need. I always moisturise in the morning and night time, as I find the cold at night does your face no favours being that it's the only part of your body exposed at night. So I like to have a good hydrating moisturiser that's light especially the evening as I don't like skincare to sit on my skin and just do nothing but leave me feeling unconfortable or else il wipe it off and use my regular regime. This absorbed and is now part of that regime as like I've said before sometimes I will shower earlier then I go to bed if I'm sore and moisturise 3/4 times a day. So I have 2 moisturisers I use and this is one of them. 

I just love Nourish's ethos and products they are something I now won't change,  as my skincare is at a point where I know what my skin likes and reacts too. The only skincare I will try new is bodycare as I feel that it's more important to me to maintain and manage my facial hydration then my body which I can cover with clothes. So yes I would fully recommend Nourish's Argan skin renew. 

Have you tried Nourish ? 

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