Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Look 1 - District 3 Electronics (Hunger games trilogy)

So this is the first Halloween look for you all and the list of products i have used in achieving it -

Now as you may know the second of the hunger games trilogy (Chasing fire) is coming before Christmas. So I decided after being inspired by the covergirl images, released of looks made from there products to do versions of my own.

Now the first and second I needed to do
my own stencils so I went to doing the third look freehand. 

  ---- So products used ---

Yon-ka Fruitelia moisturiser 
Illamasqua Hydra veil Primer
Illamasqua Rich liquid foundation - Shade/
Collection 2000 Illumimating concealer 
Chanel translucent powder
HD brows in foxy for brunettes 
Stila blush - Positively pink (Breast cancer awareness 2013 release)

Vice 2 palette - The silver is shellshocked and its so creamy, unlike a shadow that can be used so easily. Mix of Radar, Voodoo, Damaged, Lovesick on my eyes 
Loreal glam eyes - black eyeliner 
Perversion - black kohl eyeliner
The balm Lipstick - Mia Moore 

Brushes used from Nima Brush set (Elite collection)

Now like every routine I start with moisturising my face and applying primer. It's coming into winter so hydration is key. Then I let this absorb and apply dots of the Rich liquid foundation and then using my beauty blender dab this into the skin. It's a heavy and full coverage foundation, so I only need apply one layer to achieve the feeling I like. 

Then I will apply my concealer and highlight under my eyes to be dabbed again into the skin with my beauty blender.  This I then set with a powder and apply my blush, bronzer and highlight. Contour as needed too. So then I will prime my eyes and I mixed and blended a mix of blue, gold and green tones to give a peacock effect like a electric spark. Then lining with my black liquid liner and using that to make connections like a circuit board. 

In the book they are very exact in detailing the looks as well as the action. So I wanted to give a visual facial representation for the districts leading up to Halloween, also the film. So using a lot of Shellshock and lovesick. I did a numeral like the roman indication on a clock as there mark on the forehead to indicate its district 3. Then Shellshock for the silver electric surge and also it's how I feel the silver would be used, to give electricity in a visual by its natural most organic form. 

So I have a lot more looks to do and I will be showcasing my looks with the MesmerEyez contact lenses. 

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  1. It's good that you are started the preparation well before hallow en so that you can enjoy the festival.

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