Sunday, 10 November 2013

Kringle candle Company - Winter 2013 Scents

So for the second time im reviewing for Kringle candle company with there new additions to the Holiday favourites line. Im so grateful to review another batch of lovely candles and especially in the winter time when it sets the mood for the home.

So the new scents are : Autumn winds , Blue Spruce, Ginger snow angel, Peppermint kiss, Snow day and White pumpkin 
These scents join there 12 other Christmas favourites. 

Ginger Snow Angel

So the first candle i was drawn too from the set was Ginger snow angel, this is a very beautiful scent of gingerbread and brown sugar. Its mainly reminded me of when you make gingerbread fresh and you just take it out of the oven. The smell envelops you and your home in a wonderful gingery hug. So if you don't like gingerbread then this may not be for you. However its a constant scent meaning that it doesn't become overpowering to the senses and keeps at a nice plato of sensual pleasures. I really love this candle and its double wick version in the evening, with a hot mug of cocoa is just how winter should be enjoyed. This is my favourite of the new range of scents released.

Snow day

The next is the beautiful Snow day and i must say the art work on Kringle candles never fails to make me gasp and get the feel of the candle. It really does show you what the scent is and trying to converge the feeling encapsulated. So snow day is a fresh scent to the first snow of the season, with a lovely cool almost powder like scent. Its hard to describe the smell of snow but its a nice fresh scent for the home. I would say the blue tinge in the tumblers really does convey the "snow" feeling more as it looks like packed snow in the container. Its lovely to have on display.

Peppermint Kiss 

The next is Peppermint kiss and well it reminded me of candy canes with the sweet outside and minty tinge of the inner layer. It has light notes of sugar with vanilla in it with a peppermint tinge to the air. Beautiful candle that really does give a taste of christmas to the home. I love having candy canes on the tree and they are a nice break from the sugar overload to have a minty fresh feeling.  

Blue Spruce

So the next Blue spruce is amazing and smells like a christmas tree from the minute its lit. We don't have our tree yet, the house smelt like a tree had been set up for a night filling the room with its scent. It was unbelievable how real the scent was. Great for anyone whom wants to have the smell of christmas trees filling the air. 

Autumn Winds

So the next is the Autumn winds candle which is very strong scented smell of leafs. Now I know every scent is personal preference and what I like another person may not and vice versa. So I'm not going to have a bad word to say on something that is subjective to the person purchasing it. If you like the leafs falling and conker smells of autumn then this is the candle for you. Personally I'm a fruity and foody scent kinda girl. So floral and natural scents are not my cup of tea.

White Pumpkin

Then finally we have White pumpkin which was not my favourite. I guess because we don't have pumpkins that I can't compare it. However from remembering Halloween I can vaguely say this is true to scent. It has the fresh pumpkin and almost outdoors woodland scent. Very nice for anyone wishing to bring a little of the outdoors inside, but like I said I'm very much a food and fruity scent kinda girl. So I do think the scents of the outdoors are great for maybe a more manly ambiance as my husband loves these ones. He was very impressed by them and had them burning whilst I was in my room with my lovely ginger snow angel. 

That's also another great advantage to Kringle candles is the scents don't clash, so when they meet in the hall it's not sickly. It's like Christmas has just settled  and It's a homely, cosy feeling. Another lovely selection to Kringle candle and they burn brilliant, no tunneling or any problems at all. I have had other brands and needed to return candles due to this but never a Kringle candle. The wax is so pure and a pleasure to have in the home. 

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