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Marc Jacobs - Honey perfume from

So again the wonderful Alan at gave me the opportunity to review the new scent from Marc Jacobs called Honey.  Marc Jacobs is well known for his fashion and now branching into the beauty industry with other scents including the multi award winning,  Dot. So I was very excited and more then happy to accept this amazing opportunity, as it looks like Honey is just as popular as its pre-dessors. Again my thanks to Alan and the team at for there continued support to my blog. 

So Honey is described as 

The fragrance opens with a fresh fruity hook, and melts to a beautiful floral honey heart for a long lasting and sunny signature fragrance.

So whilst we are in the middle of the coming winter season, Honey will be a scent i can see being used as a daily fresh scent. Nothing too heavy and very pleasant to wear. I can smell the base notes (Honey, vanilla and Smooth woods) with hints of the other tones. 

They are :
Heart Notes : Orange Blossom, Peach nectar, Apricot and Honeysuckle
Top notes : Pear and Mandarin 
Scent described as a Floral and fruity mix  

So let us start from the outside and work towards the fragrance then my overall view. Like i say with all fragrance posts, this is my own take on something thats very subjective to the person. So what i like others may not. So the packaging ... what is there not to love ? I saw Daisy and Dot's packaging and thought they were unique and inspired. Im no less impressed with Honey, its got a pearl with a cute innovative representation of a bee to the gold imprinted logo. Very cute and you may be asking where is the top to the bottle. Well i have a tester so the lid isn't with this version but with the ones sold on site they are included. The lid again is a cute array of the bee impression's to protect the spray.
I do think they are very designer influenced and give the perfume a very lovely ambiance to brighten anyones fragrance collection.  Beautifully presented and again the box in stores is a Yellow striped box like a Bee's colours. 

So onto the fragrance within this cute bottle. I will say this is a fragrance i love as it hits all my notes of fruity with a fresh smell. Its not a heavy and will make the perfect daily scent in winter and also spring months. I would lean towards wearing this more in spring as with the new budding flowers and scents it will really come alive. I tend to wear more cherry scented perfume in winter to go with the general berry tones infused into my complexion. So this i can incorporate into my collection very easily and wear for any occasion. 

I think its a rare to have a perfume be so versatile and to have a range be consistently excellent. Marc Jacob's is a genius to design for the fashion industry, but then transcend on the beauty industry with such ease. Is truly a amazing achievement when you think in the to date scents he has released have won awards to no end. I look forward to the next offering we no doubt will be seeing with the coming season. 

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