Sunday, 17 November 2013

Illamasqua - Rich liquid foundation review

Now I saw the VIP sale on and well I had too, 3 rich skin foundations for the price of what one would cost. Yes I may have overdone it but hey Christmas is coming and I can gift some too. Plus illamasqua is one of the brands i love for great pigmented makeup. 

They say :

Lock away your inhibitions and bring your confidence to the fore. Loved by professional make-up artists, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation provides maximum, long-lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It blends easily and hides problem areas perfectly. Create your canvas, then paint your work of art.

So I use the Rich skin foundation under Hydra veil by illamasqua. It's my holy grail primer and use it under any foundation. I found it made this full coverage foundation smooth out better and leave a even layer. The Rich liquid is very thick and you need to shake it well before applying as it can have a tiny amount of liquid separate. However I didn't find this a problem as most foundations require a shake. I chose the colour 133 as it was in the sale and most near my skin colour, I was surprised to find that it wasn't far off. Bar being a little light I managed to warm my complexion with some bronzer. 

Now I used this foundation in my District 3 look and this is what It looks like with no bronzer so you can see it was a little pale. I used a tiny amount on my beauty blender and this gave such a lovely finish. 

It didn't cake up but I would say to leave this to fully dry before adding a powder as it may clog your brush or leave the powder uneven. So I would not rush or apply another layer until its touch dry. Once it is then setting it in place with a powder is very easy, it does not show pores nor cake up and I found it left me looking flawless. It covered my skin blemishes and did not settle into my areas that dry in winter. So I'm very impressed with this as a full coverage plus I felt more confident. 

You may not like this if full coverage and the feeling of makeup makes you uncomfortable. Also I would say to use a fine milled powder to set it and not a heavy powder as you may risk a caking effect. Other wise as you can see its perfect for covering all imperfections that like me leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. I am glad I bought more then I needed as I will happily gift these to friends and family. Plus I have also purchased other products to review and I have on my face to review. 

I'm also wearing glisten- eyeliner (I'm hoping to purchase scribe and a pale blue plus black next), Succumb eyeshadow, Debonair medium pencil and the rest are Christmas presents I cannot divulge in names. However I will do more looks with the illamasqua fundemental palette I have and metal pigments. 

Did you purchase anything in the sale ? Have you tried the Rich liquid foundation ? 


please feel free to leave a comment :O)

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