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Pearly's - Teeth whitening system

Founded by Liz Ridley in 2005 after her own experience of teeth whitening decided to formulate her own company with the client at the forefront. Being able to use the products within the home, Pearly's has become a frontrunner in teeth whitening products and achieving that "Pearly white smile" in half the time. Plus maintaining products so that you can continue with the results achieved.
Now this will be a long review and myself and my husband did the full course over the month and i wanted to give a in-depth and cohesive review.

They say : 

I’d had my teeth whitened back in 2000 by my dentist and he’d had some customised trays made for me which I used every day for 2 weeks. I’d been very happy with the results although it did take the full 2 weeks to get them the colour I wanted. I spent the next few months researching and working solely on the new addition to my teeth whitening service and in February 2005 I launched our bespoke, hand crafted customised tray whitening kit. I added the home-kit in to the package and didn’t change the price (at the time we were charging £295 for the in-clinic whitening so now customers got 2 treatments for the price of one.) Overnight our dissatisfaction rate reduced from 25% to less than 1% and we found that even customers who said before the treatment that they really wouldn’t use and didn’t want the trays did use them when they arrived because they wanted to best result and they found the trays quite comfortable. I believe that the customised trays are actually the best part of the treatment because I feel that they give very good value, they should fit nicely for around 3 years (as long as they’re looked after properly) and can maintain the teeth for all of this time (with additional whitening gel). The customised trays will give as good a whitening result on their own as either the in-clinic whitening or the combination of in-clinic and trays but they just take longer.  They can also be used with the stronger gel that can only be provided by a dentist if that’s what the customer wants, the trays are as good as any customised trays available and better than many.

That said, we’ve found that most of our customers want both a fast result and a maintained result so the combination treatment is ideal. Our treatments and products are the trusted choice of celebrities including Josie Gibson,  Pixie Lott, Alex Reid, TOWIE’s Mark Wright and The X-Factor’s JLS, and you can rely on us to offer you or your clients the same fantastic results. Over the last 8 years Pearlys has grown to be the biggest provider of in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening. In the summer of 2012 we introduced our new product range. We work with dental clinics, beauty salons and beauty retailers.

Now i was kindly sent this kit from Pearly's, after having treatments and smoking when i was younger. I wasn't very happy with my teeth and the whiteness of them, now usually i would have gone to the dentist for a deep clean but since thats no longer a option with my medical condition. This is the best option for me and i must say i was sceptical. So the kit arrived in a lovely travel bag which is so practical and i used this when i had my heart procedure in hospital and it was fantastic. I must say this kit was so good my husband now uses the products and as we have now finished the whole system we will be purchasing this again after being so impressed. 

So within the kit

We have the 
Pearly's Weekly Teeth brightening powder
Pearly's Teeth whitening Foam 
Daily Teeth whiten rinse

So for the sake of this review i did use a new toothbrush which was a medium bristle and also free from any contaminant. So with the system you would use your normal toothpaste which for us is just the Normal Colgate with no whitening enhancers etc. No whitening was included in any product bar the Pearly's products. So we began with doing our first day being (Sunday night) as we had more time to do our weekly products, which would be the Powder stage first. You take your brush and instead of toothpaste lightly dampen your brush then tap the excess water off and dip the brush head in the powder, Brush and rinse. The weekly brightening powder is bicarbonate based and you can use this twice a week if you so wish. I can honestly say me and my husband used this and went "wow" I've not felt my teeth be so clean then after a dentist deep clean. Its also the same taste as the pink water you get to swirl at the end, so it was really amazing how much this stage really removes plaque building up due to not having that abrasive element within toothpaste that the bicarbonate offers. Its the perfect way to clean the teeth thoroughly and then begin to treat the staining underneath. Now i brush each day but i fully appreciate i now need this powder in my regime to give me the effect as a exfoliate does on the skin.

So the next step in the treatment comes the Pearly's teeth whitening foam which you can use with your toothpaste as normal. Now you apply this on top of your toothpaste and it can be a little "minty overload" as me and my husband called it. Plus you look quite amusing with a mouth full of foam but it was really a brilliant review for me to be able to do this with my husband. Also i valued his opinion too as to how he felt it was working and if he would continue using the product for the whole month. This foam really does make your mouth feel as clean as you could ever imagine it too feel. I can only say that it improves the morning feeling of just nasty dry mouth as i don't have that no more. I know I'm giving unreal details of my dental hygiene, however I'm on tablets that make me have dry-mouth and all sorts of horrid aftertastes etc. So to not wake up feeling like you've swallowed an entire contents of a glass ground down paracetomol is a god send in my opinion. 
Now with these steps alone you will notice your teeth look cleaner and the more you use the more you notice your teeth overall. I mean i wake up now going wow my teeth are really white, I don't think anyone wants a picture of me with my camera in my mouth but i will post a picture in the next post with my makeup on and this will show you how white they are. So then we move onto the final step in the treatment.

Which is the Daily Rinse, a crystal clear solution of mouthwash. This is to be used after every wash even if you don't use the foam or powder, it prevents food and drink from staining the teeth and spoiling the progress you have made with the other steps. So this is just like a minty mouthwash but a slight bit stronger. I was taken aback how strong they were on first use, however i did use all 3 so when i got into the routine it wasn't so full on. I would say the first time was also probably so strong as i wasn't used to that deep a clean other then in a dentist's so its no stronger then products your dentist would use. Just not a drill on your teeth and more gentle in my opinion, plus like i say perfect for persons of my situation whom don't have access to a dentist. 

So my overall rating of Pearly's and would I repurchase the system again after a full months use and the changes I've noticed if any ?
 Honestly yes I would repurchase and my husband has agreed with me that this is totally worth the price, in the way the powder has lasted well and for two persons to notice a change. The colour can be visibly noticed and also to pay for a system thats lets be honest not cheap but its an investment.  Now I say this when a packet of whitening toothpaste can be bought for well under the retail of all 3 products. In saying that though we have purchased other whitening systems before and not noticed any change or felt the type of cleanliness in our mouths that we have with Pearly's. 
I say this in knowing I would have to purchase a daily mouthwash in a bigger size as this didn't last the full month. The powder is a weekly product and has lasted, so this i can see with 2 people lasting a good 3 months at least. We do use the powder twice a week and load our brushes to get that good abrasive clean we like. So I say 3 months but it could be longer, as its full to the brim when it arrives and covered with a silver protective foil. I will update when it does run out the actual length of time it took to get to empty. The same with the foam it does last but i would buy this every month. Myself and my husband have looked into purchasing other products in the range to trial and also there is an offer at the moment where you receive a kit worth nearly £40 for a spend over £45. Brilliant offer and if you wish to try the powder before purchase then you can if you email Pearly's at with your request for sample and details. 

So thank you Pearly's and i hope everyone does at least try the sample to see how clean your teeth can feel after this treatment.


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