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Eye of Horus - Liquid Define eye liner

So one of the most eagerly anticipated brands I've been dying to try. After seeing Australian bloggers rave about the products, the've finally arrived to the UK. The sheer beauty of the Egyptian era , makes there slogan "Awaken the Goddess" even more appealing. 

 Brand information about the "Eye of Horus".
Suffering from sensitive eyes and fine brittle lashes, the girls behind our brand researched how the Ancient Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic eye products. We used the ancient formula as a basis for our eye makeup range. To provide products that are long lasting, non irritating, nourishing and great for sensitive eyes, avoiding the use of nasty chemicals. We are an Australian owned company, who is committed in "Awakening the Goddess" in every woman. We know we are all beautiful, no matter what age. No matter where we have come from or what our life story is.
Ethical Mantra
Our products are not tested on animals and we deliver only the best. All our cosmetics are Paraben Free, and contain as much natural content as possible. We are renowned for ;
We pride ourselves on fast delivery
Not Tested on Animals 
- Only offer high standard products 
-  Stand by the product and will listen to our customer, 100% satisfaction  
-  Wont use animal hair for cosmetic brushes 
So the product I chose to review was the Liquid define eye liner. As I do love eyeliner,  I have yet to find a pen version that delivers. The main reason I want a precise and pigmented pen is for my makeup bag. As gel liner is not travel friendly especially in application. 
So the liquid define arrived in the most beautiful packaging I've seen in a long time. Embossed with the Eye of Horus logo in gold, then faint hieroglyphics running up the centre of the bag. I read the magazine, then just dived right into trying this product. I must apologise as in my effort to capture the pen on my camera, the gold glare made them very blurred. So I will show you the promotional picture.
So my impression of the packaging is sleek, however it's a pen so it will justifiably look like a lot of brands offerings. The most important questions  are its capability to deliver, ease of use/ pigmentation and staying power. 

 I will start with saying I did two review tests. The first was to apply a swatch to my arm to see the close up effect, the second was ease of use. I was asking myself :  
- Does it smudge or bleed ?
- Did it chip or flake through the day ?
- Was it pigmented and for how long ? 
 In the picture is a poor photo of the nib of the liner. Finally the swatches which as you can see are bold, striking and intensely black. They didn't bleed, smudge or flake for a good 7-8 hours and removed easily with a baby wipe. I'm very impressed with this liquid liner and it's pigmentation. Rich and flawless. 
Ease of use 
 I then went to trial ease of use by doing a look with the liner. It was a simple natural look, to show off the liners appearance on the eyelid. Application was in my opinion very easy and I rarely use a liner pens. As I find they drag, then clog's so i opt to use a brush and gel formula. I've only found 2 liquid liners I can purchase for travel use. 
As you can see in these pictures, it gives a thin and even application of liner. You  can build this up to suit your look. I just wanted to show the area we all find troublesome, being the inner eye. I find this is where my mistakes happen and I then need to thicken to make it symmetrical. This didn't happen and my liner took me 5 minutes (usually takes me 10 with a gel and brush) and I was amazed. I will continue to use this liner from now on because of all the points I've raised. 
So in conclusion the Liquid define did not disappoint in any way. It delivered on all the points I personally look for, if I was to purchase a pen liner. I only have two that I would pick to have in my makeup bag. This liner is on the more premier price point. So I would re-purchase, however I would need to see how long it lasts before any problems arise. (E.g - dragging, drying out, etc)  If it does last a good amount of time then I would repurchase as a treat. I would however look to purchase the eyeliners, as the colour selection looks stunning. 

I can't wait for the palettes release also, as I've had a little look and they are divine. 

So thank you to Eye of Horus for allowing me to review for them. 


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