Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Glossybox - Dec 2013 Christmas edition

So Christmas edition boxes time, usually means a box of wonder and joy. So did they deliver ? I tried glossybox again for this month to see what they had in store. I wasn't disappointed. 

Beautiful red Christmas box and very festive. With candy cane paper for packing and a white ribbon to keep it all neatly in the box. On the top the Glossy magazine with Kimberly Wyatt on the cover. Festive treasures is the title of the contents included. 

So the contents of the box are ;
-Maybelline : Brow drama sculpting mascara 
- Seche : Nail lacquer
- Sanctuary spa : Active resurface and ultra polish
- Beautiful movements cosmetics : Nude lip gloss 
- Wilkinson sword Intuition : Naturals Razor 

Amazing box for me and really love all the products. I haven't tried any maybelline brow mascara so this was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I don't use a pencil and like my brush and gel application. I love the colour tattoos as i find them so versatile as products. However its something new and not a repeat product.

The naturals razor is perfect as I needed a new one. Since my skin is now quite dry at winter to have a moisturising, plus something that won't make my skin react is a nice edition. Then with the sanctuary spa included it makes for a box of amazing skincare, especially when the elements are so harsh. However i do wonder about the timing as a lot of bloggers have pointed out, this would have suited a summer box more when tanning and dresses are in season. 

The Seche polish is a lovely gold/bronze colour. Perfect for the holiday season and a lovely brand of polish which is beautiful on application. Looks more beautiful in different lights as the gold and bronze interchange. 

The lip gloss is a lovely nude natural colour. I'm not usually a lip gloss kinda gal but this gloss is a lovely nude. I really nice to know its a natural brand too. Plus no sticky pay-pah lips as i call them. 

So I'm very impressed with this box, however for a Christmas box and after having a Glossybox last year in comparison it's pretty meh. Last year we recieved a makeup palette with Seche polish and it was spectacular. This year seems very meh in regards to being something special. I kind of expect a Christmas box to include a lot of makeup based products. Something to make your looks seperate from the normal daily looks. 

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