Friday, 13 December 2013

W7 - Makeup and Nail polish

W7 cosmetics widely known as a brand that is affordable and quality product range. I was kindly sent some products to do a review on. As I heard the boxed powders were affordable dupes to some more expensive counterparts. I've decided to buy some to review aswell. So there will be a part 2 for face and box powders from W7.

So I was sent to review mostly eye products from the range, plus a nail polish. 
I was kindly sent Rock and roll , Glitter eyeliner in black , Stardust in silver , Magic eyes mascara in black, Eyelid primer and finally a beautiful red glitter polish. 

The Rock and roll eyeshadow is a rollerball mechanism. It is a beautiful brown colour with micro shimmers. So I will do a natural eye, then run the rollerball over my lid to add the shimmer. Perfect for the party season and these come in a range of colours. So if you want to add some zing to a favourite matte shade then use this product. 

The stardust glitter is a mix of different sized glitters, at first I was not too sure about this as a pigment. It seemed very chunky and could be irritating, if not stuck down properly or if you have sensitive eyes. I personally would use this in a special effect look around the cheeks etc. I just don't feel very comfortable to put such a chunky glitter on my lid. I will of course to see and give it the chance to prove me wrong. So il use a mixing medium as a adhesive then pat it on top. 

The black glitter Eyeliner I had expected a splotchy and uneven application. However il admit I was wrong and this eyeliner was very easy to apply. Very pigmented but with the glitter can come across charcoal looking. So I would place a black below this, then apply the glitter on top so it's colour is striking. It is excellent for party and going out looks or too jazz up a natural look. I found this to be the product that shocked me the most. I would purchase more colours.

The red nail polish also shocked me too. Expecting to have to layer this at least twice to gain a sufficient coverage. I found one coat gave me quite a pigmented layer with only a second needed for touch ups. It didn't chip easily which again surprised me and came off easily. I must say the quality of these products has improved since I last used W7.

So into the Magic eyes mascara which reminds me of another brands tube. 
It is a good mascara that offers a brush to seperate lashes. It does not clump but I would leave time between applications. As with every mascara I've used, I would defiantly recommend this step. It allows proper setting and drying time. This is a good affordable mascara for daily use. 

Primer magic eye primer is a creamy white primer. I must admit I did catch a wiff of a almost chemical smell. It applies so easily and absorbs into the eyelid. 
Eyeshadows blend well but it's not particularly tacky so it's more of a primer to lay a base. I would choose a tackier primer for heavy pigments and glitters. For a just eyeshadow primer it's perfect and a nice texture too. 

W7 can be found on fragrance direct or any number of reputable sites online. I would recommend investing in the box powders as you will see from my next review and also the Eyeliners, Nail polishes and shadows. 

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