Sunday, 19 January 2014

Brand introduction - Bella J

So as part of 2014 I want to introduce brands, that may not otherwise be known. I do think this is important to help brands, so the brand I want to firstly introduce is Bella J. A company that is deep rooted spiritually, with making products that make you feel good body and mind. Owner Sarah from her story (which if you follow the link will gain the full version ) explains how through dark periods of her life she found her path. So with valentines day coming, I wanted to introduce the newest collection added to the line. 

Brand story 

The symbol attached to BELLA J is a heart, that at first sight resonates love and happiness, but if you take a closer look, you will notice that a little segment on the right hand side is missing, and this is where my story Sarah Jones the founder of BELLA J unfolds. 

Life is a complex voyage that nobody has entirely figured out, its fast passed, constantly changing and an emotional rollercoaster of titanic proportions. However, every now and again life presents you with a sign. My sign presented itself to me in 2012 because of major heartbreak in my life. ( Full story at )
Where I am right now is the right time to tell you my story and inspire people with my beautiful products and gifts. It was through my dark times that I was able to realise that life is a gift, and the greatest gifts I have around my home are the meaningful sentimental gifts given by those whom love me.

"The best way to predict your future is simply to create it. My story, Your chapter, writing your memoirs”.

Products and collections 
So currently they are promoting the ‘Falling in Love’ collection just in time for Valentine’s Day. This collection is all about the story of love that results in you reconnecting with your heart. Just for the beauty sweethearts of the world, the "Falling in Love" collection offers four natural products that can be used separately, but have also been designed to work together in order to nourish your skin.

Included in the collection 

Bare: Body Cream (Scented of sweet oil mixed with natural seeds)
Beautiful: Face Moisturizer (Scented of rice and flower petal)
Blossom: Daily Facial Cleanser (Scented of honey bees and garden roses)
Blush: Face and Body Oil (Scented of fresh cut roses and raspberry)

It is principally about accepting and loving yourself, and nurturing a beautiful spirit to achieve beautiful physical results”.

As we all know there is a story behind everything, how that song became your favourite, how that scar appeared on your body, and how that boy you thought was the one, broke your heart. Sometimes these stories are simple, and sometimes they are tough and incredibly heartbreaking. But behind every story are your memories and this is the very spirit of Bella J - writing your memoirs.

Completely free from parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial fragrances and colours... no wonder Sarah’s product will leave you feeling fabulous.

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*******Brand introduction is a company promotional page - I have not recieved payment, products nor am affiliated with any links. This is my belief to help our buisnesses and I don't require payment******

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  1. The products from this brand sounds so lovely and the packaging is so cute x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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