Sunday, 19 January 2014

Birchbox - January 2014

So Christmas is over and a new year begins. So with a new year comes New Years resolutions, plus detoxing from the over indulgence. So with lemons on the box, a favourite for detoxing lemon water this box is titled " Tiny tweaks". 

So the contents of the Box ; 

- Tommyguns : Fig, plum and marshamallow conditioner ( Rrp £5.50) 
- Benefit : Porefessional ( £24.50 Rrp)
- Noble Isle : Willow song bath & shower gel ( £20.00 Rrp) 
- Vasanti : Detox facial cleanser (£18.00 Rrp) 
- Premae : Nutrient body Oil ( £9.50 Rrp)
Extra : Miso Soup (£2.25 for 3 sachets) 

Now I won't lie I was disappointed with not having a Rodial sample to trial. My online surveys had said I was to receive the Rodial SPF, but then upon dispatch this had been changed with the Nobel Isle shower gel. So not impressed that I had my sample removed and changed. I've tried Noble isle before and honestly it's not something that amazed me. 

Benefit porefessional is a cult classic and honestly it's a great sample to have for travel. I like that benefit has joined birchbox and I'm hoping more brands take suit. I would love more Benefit samples for future boxes. Sadly no makeup to trial with the sample.
Vasanti Detox cleanser is a new brand to me and I will be interested to see how this works for my skin. As it says it will remove all traces of makeup. I use a clarisonic and I do have the odd trace left. So will be interesting to see if this does remove everything. 
Tommyguns Conditioner sounds amazingly yummy. I was glad I recieved this instead of the phillip Kingsley sample.  I love these scents and it's a massive sample being 250mls, so I'm interested to see how this conditions my hair. Being £5.50 it's expensive for conditioner but lovely for a treat.
Noble Isle Shower gel like I said is a sample I have tried before, so I'm really not too excited by this. I didn't really like the scent and passed this on when i recieved this before. I think it will have the same fate. I'm gutted this was not the Rodial as promised. 

Miso Soup (Extra) is something I can't use as I'm on a diet controlled plan for my health. I know miso is supposed to be great for diets but it's not something I can add to mine. I will happily pass this on to my vegan family member whom loves soup and light foods. Nothing going to waste. 
Premae Nourishing Oil sounds amazing and so great for my dry skin at the moment. I do love oils and as long as there is no hint of rose, then I'm sure it will be fantastic. I really love hair oils as they add something exotic and luxiourious to your routine. I'm glad of the  spritz bottle as I think it will disperse easier. 

So overall it's a lovely box and has some amazing samples. However I think everyone should have had the opportunity for a high end Rodial sample. There was 3 options and I was to receive the SPF sample, which I was so thrilled with. However the next day on dispatch, this had changed so i was very disappointed. It's not something I can get a chance to try, as I'm not able to go to a store to pick one up. So this was my only complaint with Birchbox this month. 


  1. I would want the Rodial sample in my box too, not that I subscribe x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I'm considering leaving beauty boxes this year as I feel its repetative plus my excitement is no longer met. Being a blogger I guess that's our curse we see a lot before it's released.

  2. I was a bit meh about my Birchbox!

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