Sunday, 16 February 2014

Glossybox - February 2014 ( Be mine theme)

So after a frankly shocking January box which I didn't care for in the slightest. I was very pessimistic for February. With it being valentines, It's tends to be makeup orientated. So I just thought "1 more month and let's see shall we". 

Am I glad ...... Yes I think I am.

So the theme being "Be mine" in reference to valentines day. Even if it was a day late, it was presented in a lovely box. Ideal for lipstick storage. 

Contents of the box ;

- Ciate polish (Full size)
- Maybelline new lipstick collection (Full size) "725 Tantalizing taupe"
- H2K skincare : J'dore shampoo and sensual hydrating conditioner
- Sleep in rollers : Backcombing comb
- Nougat London : Sparkling body shimmer 
Extra : Lindt chocolate bar 

Review and product rundown

Sleep in rollers - A Backcombing brush is not something I would generally use, as I have thick hair. Plus is super curly so I don't tend to use these types of brush as they matte in my hair. Definatly more suited to someone with finer hair then mine. 

H2K Skincare : This shampoo and conditioner duo is a perfect size for travel and my hospital bag. Always glad for these as hospital shampoo and conditioner is ok but I like using my own. 

Ciate - As much as I love ciate, I have this colour. I feel like I'm drowning in polish. I just wish that we could receive another product then nail polish. 

Maybelline - Part of new releases from maybelline including a mascara, sent in other boxes. This new lipstick is probably the opposite, to the vivids series released last year. I recieved a beautiful colour called "Tantalizing taupe (725)". They smell amazing and this nude is perfect for me. So happy with this addition to my box. 

Nougat London : I have never heard of this brand, however the shimmer body lotion is a beautiful peach colour. It's perfect for the oncoming spring and summer season. I look forward to using this product. 

Extra product - Lindt bar which I've recieved in a beauty box before. My goodness beauty box, chocolate overload. Every box has had chocolate within it and thankfully no dodgy cheap heart lolly this year. 

So Glossybox you were hugely better this month compared to January, however your still not high end samples to trial. Your competitors are bringing boxes worth over £40 and this is sub-par in comparison. I loved this box but felt some products, maybe not suited to my profile for example the comb. I have a free box next month and decided, that it will be my decider box to see if I keep with glossybox. 
** Also don't forget to kiss your postcard and send that kiss to a loved one. For a chance to win a holiday. **

So what did you all think of glossybox this month ? Did you receive the same ? 

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