Sunday, 8 June 2014

Introduction to NuMe styling products

So having watched YouTube bloggers, I've noticed one brand of hair product named consistently. NuMe professional hair styling, known for there curling wands and hair straighteners. Having seen these reviews has made me curious enough, to want to purchase my own.

About Nume 

Incredible hair begins with a solid foundation. For over a decade, NuMe has had the privilege of working closely with the most talented and knowledgeable stylists in the industry. Our aggregated experience allows us to create high-quality products with cutting-edge technology and a sharp sense of style that suits each individual’s tastes.
NuMe’s passion for innovation and individuality translates into the desire to provide the absolute best hair care available. Our technology is meticulously crafted to deliver professional results for every hair type while taking to heart the variety of sensational personalities amongst our clients. Time-tested techniques allow us to push the envelope in new, progressive ways. The right tools and hair care can equip any individual with the means to design his or her signature style without even stepping into a salon.
Titan 3 

I have decided I would love to try the Titan 3.

They say ; The Titan 3 gives you the power to create lasting curls with three interchangeable heat barrels made from 100% pure Titanium. Limitless curls and stunning shine are here to bring volume, curling options and major style.

The Titan 3 curling iron comes with 3 different barrel sizes, depending on the tightness of the curl you wish. So I'm thinking to use the big 32mm, for daily use to achieve bigger waves. Also using the 25mm to take small strands to add some definition. The 19mm attachment is going to help make really enhanced curls, giving dramatic volume and bounce. I'm excited to order the Titan 3 and show off all the styles I can achieve. 

MegaStar Straighteners

The straighteners I was looking at were the MegaStar.

They say ; Fast forward to the future of flat irons with the MegaStar and take Negative Ion Energy to the next level with an expert styling tool.

So the second item that really jumped out at me were the Megastar Straighteners. As i really love the idea of trying straighteners, that will be "anti static" trying to protect the hair rather then damage it further. So this is another item I will be purchasing from NuMe and reviewing. 

Special Offer 

There are so many codes floating around via the American bloggers that i thought to see if one was present for UK customers. So i found on the website if you sign up to the site there is a $50 off voucher.  Use "NUMESPRING50" for 50% off plus Free Shipping on Styling Tools, Hair Care Products and Accessories (Excluding Steals & Deals)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Whats to come for 2014

So the beauty industry has given us some impressive products for this year. Now the summer collections are showing amazing arrays of colour. I'm so excited to show you what I will be reviewing over summer. It will be a mix of hair, makeup and skincare etc. 

So I was so blessed on my birthday, that I want to share the presents I recieved and why I love them. So above is the new Dior addict - IT mascara & IT liner. These are beautifully packaged and they were released along with the new Dior Fluid stick lip product. Which are being raved about, so I may have to purchase a colour to try. So many thanks to my friend Nicki for this beautiful gift. So I will be showing my new presents & makeup storage etc.

I'm also planning to do some looks featuring these beautiful Eldora lashes. I haven't had a chance to use them, however I'm so inspired by summer. 

Now I've also been so amazed with beauty products from the USA. I have bought a mix from different companies to review. BH cosmetics palettes to show you looks from. I also have Wet and wild, Milani, Jordana, Tarte etc. 

I will be doing reviews on items I have already and not buying a lot of new collections. There is only two collection's I will be purchasing from and that's the MAC Simpson's & Moody blooms. They are stunning collections. 

So I will be doing more looks too using my collection so far. I used my Urban decay Glinda palette for this look, with also a hair do using some new hair jewellery. I will be doing a seperate review for the new hair accessories I have purchased to use. So I'm really excited for summer and hope that I will spark a new and fresh take on some beloved products. 

Summer in London 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Blogger passion, writer at heart

Apologies for the absence, my body works to its own drum. I've had to spend time in the hospital and the recovery was longer then anticipated. I have really wanted to write and just get to see how everyone is and what's new to read. So any new bloggers if you want to leave me links id love to see the new trends. 

So what's coming up while I rest, just playing with my looks as always ? Well I have some lovely natural Kiss lashes. This will be up soon as I really love how if your eyes are sore over pollen season, you don't was to add mascara from weepy eyes. Maybe just a light natural lashes is the way forward ? Love to hear your thoughts ladies ..... Next 

Some beautifully gifted/purchased items. 

 Amazing how these Drugstore brands quality is just on par, with middle to high end products. I wish they would come to the UK.  Then finally 2 MAC collection round ups (birthday month yipeee) with the amazing Alluring Aquatic and Malificent. Thank you to all my well wishers and just resting after a bad start to 2014 to now. I'm as well as can be with fabulous health care professionals, friends and family. So just want to get back to my hobby and I can't wait to post for you all. 

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