Sunday, 14 September 2014

Memebox - Coffee break with Dani (Limited edition)

So my second Memebox arrived and by no means did it disappoint. I'm loving each Memebox that arrives at my door. This box was another collaboration and I'm thrilled with the products. 

The box includes : 
- Prori : aroma gel mist 
- Dewytree : Ginsing mask
- Golden glove : 1pair exfoliating gloves
- Miguhara : B.P cream
- Nuganic : Sunblock 50spf
- Handskin : Bio origin BB ampoule
- Kocostar : Nail therapy 
- Chamos acaci : Snail eye cream

So above is a picture of the contents, it's full to the brim. Amazing box with a majority of full sized products. This ensures you can make a proper evaluation of a product, to see if it suits your needs. By far a better quality of beauty box. 

- Hanskin - Bio origin BB ampoule
This BB ampoule is a dainty size (4.5ml), only needing a drop of product too meet your needs. Packed with royal jelly extracts, makes for easier application of the product. This product claims that it will help leave a visibly silkier and brighter complexion. 

You can also use this product to areas you wish to cover up.  I cannot wait to use this product, as it sounds like it will be an amazing for winter. With the royal jelly for nutrients and hydration, perfect for dry skin. 

- Miguara B.P can serve as a BB cream or primer. It's oil free formula helps control excessive oil production. Keeping skin silky and even's skin tones. Applied over skin like a primer plus helps visible pores. I can't wait to try this product. Although I think it's more suited to summer for my skin type, as that's when my skin can be oily in the T-zone. I will be using more hydration as the weather becomes colder.

- Nuganic Sun block looks to be great for sensitive skins within summer. So I will keep this for my husband as he does burn easy. However in the UK we have sporadic summer's and I think this missed the season. Great product to have as an essential. 

- Prori gel mist is in the scent of lavender and a beautiful product. Enriched with bee venom and roots from many plants. This gel mist helps with blemishes and a multitude of other needs. Infused with lavender essential oil, this creates a calming gentle mist. 

- Chamos acaci's snail eye cream is said to help improve fine lines, dark circles etc around the eyes. Help's to moisturise the skin plus infuse with collagen, which help's accelerate the production of new tissue. Can be applied after basic makeup is set, which perks up the eyes. Refreshing your appearance when tapped lightly for better absorption.

- Nail therapy a first for me as I've never tried a nail mask, so this will be a new experience. One i hopefully will see marked improvements to my nails and damaged cuticles.

- Ginsing face mask I've heard this mask is amazing for skin, infused with many great ingredients. I tend to use masks in the winter when the cold is not being to kind to my skin. Maybe i should make a point of using facial masks again.

- 1 pair of exfoliation gloves these may not look like much, but if you have dry skin then they are just a pair of heaven. Much more efficient then any exfoliating product I've seen, its gentler then a loofah and more precise. These really are fantastic for dry skin. 

I loved my Coffee break with dani box, i cannot await my next box to be shipped on the 19th Sept and hope you all are as excited to see whats due to be arriving. 

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