Monday, 15 September 2014

Pink parcel - September edition 2014

Pink parcel is a subscription box with a difference. I was so intrigued and find it a really innovative box. As for women it's a monthly essential, then to team that with some treats. Makes the mundane become a time to indulge and give yourself some you time. 

They say
Pink Parcel is a subscription service for your monthly cycle. We send you what you need, right when you need it. Your first Pink Parcel is £5.95. After that, each parcel is £9.95.

The box comes with a pre filled (discrete) pouch of 5 tampons, labelled "for now". This is for you bag so your always ready. 

The 2 boxes labelled "for later" is your supply of tampons. 

The box then labelled "for you" is a box of surprise treats. 

For now 
We currently supply Tampax, Lil-Lets and U By Kotex. We will be introducing a number of new brands including sanitary towels. 

I recieved "U by Kotex" tampons in my box. I'm very happy to try new forms of female protection, as we are all different. Plus it doesn't hurt to give other brands a go. The sizes are colour coded to help you choose which size you will need, as your flow changes during the duration of your period. I did like the vivid colours and very discreet size of the tampon. 

For you 
In addition you’ll receive a variety of treats. These treats will change each month, so opening your box will always be a lovely surprise

Teapigs : Peppermint tea (1 bag) 
A herbal cup of peppermint tea to help calm and relieve period cramps. Well known for its properties, this one bag will see if you find it helpful.

Daisy and dom : Chocolate bar 
A girls best friend on the pj and hot water bottle days, this Daisy and Dom chocolate is a divine hug. Melt in the mouth chocolate which is a perfect size. I would buy a pack these sized bars, as the portion to me is perfect. I also shared with my husband so it really is exceptional quality. 

Elizabeth Arden : Mascara 
I am flabbergasted that one of my treats is a beautiful Elizabeth Arden mascara. I felt amazing when I saw this beautifully packaged mascara. I have used this mascara before and really enjoyed it. It's a luxury hug and I'm blown away. 
Garnier : Miracle blur 
I really wanted to try this product as we all know hormonal skin, doesn't play to the rules. So with the miracle blur you can help reduce noticabable facial problems. That can make you feel just down and generally horrible. As I know I feel like this, when my skin plague's me when I'm hormonal.

Witch naturally clear : Anti blemish
Again another amazing product to help with hormonal skin. Gentle and hydrating cream, which reduces redness and soothes skin. Nice to have when you get that pesky month, that hits your skin like a truck. Then your sitting there going "why", you have this product to help ease  your skin. 

Voucher for cafe rouge
A lovely treat for when you might be passing cafe rouge. Then pop in and have a lovely glass of bubbly on them as a treat. The ultimate treat when your having one if those days. 

For later 
Your parcel will arrive 3-5 days before your next period. Each month Pink Parcel sends 25 tampons. If this isn't enough, please let us know.

So the 2 "for later" boxes contain your supply of tampons for the month. 

So overall I am amazed by this service and the contents of the treats box. I feel it really understands a woman's needs for the month. Both mentally and physically this box provides comfort. It is discreetly packaged when posted, it also supplies what you need. Whilst still ensuring you have choice. I will not hesitate to sign up for this monthly subscription service. I think this box is amazing.


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    1. It really is a lovely box, especially for the treats which seem to be suited to perk any girl up.


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