Sunday, 5 October 2014

Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri

Not a usual feature to my blog, as 2014 started i broadened my mind and topics. I want a blog that reviews everyday essential products. The Ozeri Earth green pan is one of those essentials we all use daily. If you have a busy family you will want a pan to last. Plus no long hours wasting that precious alone time scrubbing pans. Lets see if we have a frying pan holy grail. 

They say :
The Green Earth Pan features a textured ceramic cooking surface, designed for superior non-stick performance.  Allowing you to cook with half the amount of oil normally used, plus it makes cleaning a breeze. 

The Green Earth Pan utilises a 100% ceramic coating derived from nature. The Green Earth Pan's natural ceramic coating, is also far more durable and scratch-resistant. A heat resistant silicone coated handle, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Utilising Greblon, a natural ceramic coating from Germany. Remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. 

Performance :
The pan is a light weight pan with a study handle. A perfect size for eggs or any small cooking required. This pans non stick claims, boast well with the organic materials used to create it. However does it live up to the test ? 

The simple answer is yes, it does meet up to the expectations. The hardest of all foods to cook without sticking, Eggs just were childs-play to this pan. No sticking or having to prize it from the pan. A simple egg just slided off the pan when it was cooked. Re-heating food was also easy and needed no help in saying goodbye to the pan. 

Its a fantastic addition to your kitchen, if you really struggle finding a good non stick pan. Its available in a number of sizes and ranges to fit your style of cooking. 

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