Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dove - New indulgent washes and lotions

Dove have bought out a new pampering range of body washes and lotions. This range is mostly infused with (Pistashio's, Shea, Coconut) nut oils.  I love these scents and the added Shea to hydrate the skin is a beautifully thought of product.  

They say ;
The New Pistachio cream and Magnolia Purely Pampering, is an indulgent new body wash and lotion. The Dove Purely Pampering range is providing your skin, with the nourishment and expertise you'd expect from Dove. Leaving your skin feeling enriched every day, too add a bit of luxury to your daily routine. 

Our improved formula is now even gentler, not loosing any of the rich lather you love. Our ultra-mild body wash, offers skin a more natural and nourishing formulation. 

The Dove Purely Pampering Range includes:
• NEW Pistachio Cream with Magnolia nourishing lotion & body wash 
• Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla nourishing lotion & body wash
• Almond Cream with Hibiscus nourishing lotion & body wash
• Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals nourishing lotion & body wash 

- Pistachio cream and Magnolia body wash -

Pistachio cream is just the most amazing nut oil smell, Infused with magnolia its a mix of a fresh and beautiful natural aroma's. I cant get enough of this body wash, as its just so gentle on the skin and senses. It moisturises whilst cleaning the skin in a sensitive manner, with no irritation felt whilst using this wash. This body wash is so nourishing especially if your in an area, where your water can leave your skin feeling a bit dry. This body wash is not overpowering and the whole family can use this confidently. Im so impressed that i will be defiantly trying all the range as these are pure pampering to the skin. As its a repurchase product for me with its beautiful scents. 

- Shea butter and Warm vanilla lotion - 

"NutriumMoisture™ contains a blend of natural skin moisturisers, addressing lipid damage.(Which can be caused by regular shower gels). A blend of Dove purely pampering formula and NutriumMoisture, will have your skin feeling and looking amazing".

Purely pampering really does sum up this collection from Dove. I love the scent of Vanilla and will try to have it in most of my after care products such as lotions. So i was quite addicted to this lotion. I used it to moisturise and felt lovely after using it. So after using it as a morning and evening lotion, i found its lightweight absorbent lotion. The exceptional quality Dove is known for. I love the Shea butter and warm vanilla lotion as its so fragrant and pure luxury to me. So if you love the smell of fresh nut oils with a mix of vanilla, then this is the range for you.  I think Dove is an affordable brand that makes products to the highest quality. 

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