Monday, 13 October 2014

John Frieda - Frizz Ease

John frieda is a brand well know for his dedication, to helping women with troublesome hair. I am one of those women who has a frizz problem. So i tried some of the new products that frizz ease offers. 

They say :
Even the healthiest, undamaged hair can get frizzy. Contributors to frizz include humidity, excessive heat-styling (use of hair straighteners, curling tongs, hair dryers), excessive combing and brushing of dry hair, and chemical processing which changes the structure of hair, leading to damage and frizz.

So which serum should i use : 
Moderartly dry, frizzy hair : use the Original Formula serum on your wet hair. 
Extremely dry, coarse, unruly frizz : use Extra-Strength Formula on wet hair.
Heat treated : Thermal Protection formula has the benefits of the Original and Extra-Strength serums. It also protects against the damage caused by heat-styling and the sun. It can be used on towel-dried or dry hair.

Original 6 effects Serum : Instantly eliminates frizz and repels humidity for glossy, silky-smooth styles.  Apply to soaking wet hair. Use sparingly, dispensing 1 pump of Serum into palm. Rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair. Avoid applying directly to roots. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness.  Do not rinse out. Style as desired with thermal protectant.

So the serum is a light and velvety feeling serum. It applies to the hair really easily. I found it does help the worst areas when applied to my wet hair. I liked this serum the most and found it the most helpful. I didnt need much product afterwards. 

Unwind curls, curling creme : Calms and loosens curls for softer, salon-perfect style that lasts all day. Place small amount of Crème into palm. Rub hands together. Work through wet or damp hair. For a looser curl, finger comb or stretch curls while drying.

This was really helpful for when i wanted to style using a spritz of water to give a loose curl. The creme really did prevent a frizz from appearing, also helped style my hair into looser curls. It doesnt feel heavy or sticky like some creams can. Its definatly a better alternative to mousse for me. It doesnt leave that crunch feel that most curling products leave. Also it washes out fully with ease. 

Go curlier, heat activating spray : Creates and tightens curls for bouncy, salon-smooth style that lasts up to 48 hours. Unlock trigger spray by flipping tab to right or left. Spray throughout Damp or Wet hair, not dry hair. Start with 10-16 sprays. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Blow-dry with a diffuser. For best results, finish with curling tongs to create your desired style.

This was the product i found most difficult to use. I feel the pump needs a re-design. As i had a problem with it dispersing into a mist,which would be more suited. As curly hair can clump and harden with overuse of product. The hole in the cap seems quite small, so maybe a few more holes in the dispenser may assist this. 

Brilliant brunette - Liquid shine shock, perfecting glosser : Ultra-light formula polishes hair for high-gloss shine and flawless style. Smoothes flyaways, seals split ends and illuminates brunette tones. All shades of natural, colour-treated brunette hair. 

To lock in shine and seal split ends: rub a 10p-size* amount between palms and smooth evenly, through soaking wet hair concentrating on ends. Do not rinse out, Style as desired. For a high-gloss finish: rub a small amount between palms and smooth hands lightly over surface of dried hair.
* Use more or less product, depending on length and thickness of hair.

This really is an impressive addition for anyones haircare. My hair can look quite dull if its frizzy and over use of product is not what you need. This was an excellent product that really does only need a small amount, to give you hair a boost in between colouring. I did find that if i used a dry shampoo which is known to give some whitening to the hair. Using this on your dry hair can get rid of that dullness and also give my hair a new lease of life. This product is really impressive. I haven't used Frizz ease in a while but after this new introduction to the range, i won't be passing this step in my hair regime again. 

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