Monday, 13 October 2014

Essence - New products

So the new Autumn/Winter editions by Essence have been released. Available now at wilkingsons stores, its an affordable line worth trying.  

They say : 

Following trends in a fun and unique style but never expensive. A striking range of caring cosmetic products, essence is the ultimate brand for all beauty queens.

  New for Autumn/Winter 2014 
Soft touch Mousse : 
The range with a delicate mousse texture. Gives your face a smooth and natural-looking, matt complexion while allowing your skin to breathe freely.

Essence mousse in 04 

Unfortunately this mousse was to dark for my skin, it was however very creamy. Smooth to apply and blended into the skin well. I didn't see any cracks in application, nor did it oxidise. I hope to get this in a lighter colour and try it fully as to give a proper review. 

Soo glow!
Cream to powder highlighter and blush bring that glamour and glow. It sets gorgeous accents on your cheekbones, underneath the brows or in the inner corners of your eyes.

Blush No.20 : Everything is better in pink

 This blush gives your complexion a touch of colour for a healthy, fresh look. The creamy texture with a powdery finish, practically melts with your skin. Its easy to apply and blend with your fingers

Amazing pigment that needs only a little dabbed on, then can be blended with a stipple brush. One of the most beautiful shades and great for the winter dry skin. Blends beautifully on the skin. 

Highlight in 20 : Bright up your life

The highlighter gives your complexion a beautiful shimmer. Its creamy texture turns into a velvety, powdery formula upon application. Easy to apply with your fingers.  

This gives an amazing swatch, yet when applied it doesnt buff well with a brush. It seems to just fade away, unlike the amazing blush. Applying with fingers will leave the colour as above, however you may need to let it dry to buff it lightly. 

Shimmering bronze powder 
Keep up your summer tan with the shimmer bronzing powder. The essence sun club range, provides your face & neckline with a lightly tanned finish. Its silky-smooth texture, puts you in the mood for summery complexion. 

Bronzing powder in 01 light

This is a beautiful bronzer and also not to sparkly to be a light contour. Very impressive and great for lighter more fair skins. Didn't leave an orange nor odd shade during the day. Its beautiful and stays true to colour through long wear.

Metal glam eyeshadow
Metal meets glam in metallic and shimmering effects on your eyes. The  ultimate trend, with especially soft texture. Metallic expressive eye make-up guaranteed to be eye-catching. The range of colours is huge, sure to make every beauty’s heart beat faster.

Metal glam 

This was a disappointment as its so beautiful. The top is a spray on of heavy glitter and the brown/bronze underneath, doesnt yeald much pigment. It needs a couple of applications to see true colour. However its so affordable, perfect for those learning to blend. 

Kajal in black and white

Kajal eyeliner
Crazy and vibrant new colour. The kajal pencil creates fashionable colour. Highlights your eyes in cooland trendy colours, to ensure a totally individual style. 

Kajal in Samba green 

The colour is beautiful on this new shade of pencil. It blends nicely for a subtle hint of liner with a creamy texture. Just like the Black & white kajal liners. 

3d Eyeshadow in Lavender dream

3D shadow
With an improved texture thats even softer and easier to blend. The 3D effect (from satin to metallic to shimmering) upon application. Apply moist the  eyeshadow gives a more intense result.

I found these shadows applied well with my finger but took a lot of to apply well with a brush. Once it was applied it did blend out well. They do pack a lot of shimmer and are perfect for those looking to practice with shimmer shades that can easily be blended .The choice is impressive and i do love the Green 3d version as this is beautiful. Overall the shadows are pigmented and work well primer or none. Its affordable to gain the colours you wish to add to your kit and i found this was a perfect subtle grey for a daily light smokey eye. Teamed with a lovely highlight colour, the only thing needed is a Matte to transition and add that main lid colour.

New long-lasting lipstick 
The lipsticks provide your lips,with intensive colour for several hours without drying them out. Your sure to find whatever you’re looking for, from bright pink to subtle nude shades. 

Long lasting lipstick : 14 adorable matt

The essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of colour to match the actual colour of the lipstick are true eye-catchers. 

Beautiful creamy lipstick that sits well on the lips and doesnt dry out the lips. The lipstick formula is very surprising and well executed both in comfort and pigment. 

Wearing the Essence products, i found that the Blush, Bronzer and Lipstick impressed me the most. They have such rich picgment that not alot is needed and you can blend plus apply them with ease. The Kajal liners are soft and offer very good colour payoff, they are not waterproof so may need touching up.

 The Highlight and Glam eyeshadow i would say are fine, they do take getting used too. They eyeshadow needs a few applications to gain sufficent pigment, so its good for a beginner learning to blend. The highlight again needs to applied with the fingers to gain any pigment, then tapped in rather then blended with your cheek products.

The mousse foundation feels creamy and does seem to blend well. However the colour was to dark for me to review properly. The 3d shadow gave me some colour dry, not much though. I may try these damp, as i think they may work in a similiar fashion too a baked shadow. 

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