Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Memebox : Sleeping beauty box

Sleeping beauty is probably the princess i relate to the most. I love my sleep but i dont have flawless hair and skin, like this princess when she wakes up. So anything to help me awaken with the birds singing, would be a small wish thats Once upon a dream. 

They say : 
 When you need more than a kiss from a prince to break your beauty spell… use our Sleeping Beauty Box. Break out of your beauty rut and pamper yourself in the PM for an instant beauty transformation! Revitalize dull and tired-looking skin with ultra-moisturizing, and super nutritious formulas to lock in hydration and essential vitamins and minerals! Give yourself the ultimate skin care therapy with beauty goodies that retexturize, repair, and renew skin for petal-soft, radiant skin the next morning.

Contents :
- ReinPlatz : Intense moisture hand pack
- Vella : Neck tight cream
- D'ran : Aqua wonder cream
- Dermahouse : Aloe vera aqua gel
- E choice : Aloe vera all care cream
- Dewytree : Aqua collagen sleeping mask

Dewytree : Aqua collagen sleeping mask is a huge full size product. Applying this sleeping pack for overnight moisture and hydration. Its a lovely product that is a new concept to me. This is a perfect product for winter dry skin. Also perfect for a Sleeping beauty box, to gain your beauty sleep.

 Dermahouse : Aloe vera aqua gel is again another huge full size product. Aloe vera being a well known product for hydration. Its a very absorbent product, moisturising and light. Again to add aprotective layer to the skin. 

D'ran : Aqua wonder cream is a eye cream that can help lift, hydrate and brighten any weak skin. So after your serum application, take some of this eye cream and tap it in. Using natural seaweed properties and collagen to help the eye area, remain free from sensitivity. 

ReinPlatz : Intense moisture hand pack is a fantastic product, that gives dry and cracked hands a new lease of life. Deeply nourishing too skin and removing the dead skin cells. This is a perfect way to give your hands the boost they need. 

Vella : Neck tight cream is a totally new concept to me. However a nice concept to be able to use a product, that could rid me of the slight forming double chin. So any product that can help prevent the pace, is a welcome product in my regime. 

E choice : Aloe vera all care cream is a small container that can be a multi use product. Use it on everything from lip, nails, body etc. To help give you a on hand and handbag ready product, too offer instant dry skin relief. Beautiful to have this over winter. 

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