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Memebox : Holika Holika box

Another offering from Memebox and a brand collaboration. Known for its beautiful products and also esquisite finish. Here is the Holika holika offering from Memebox. 

Find all of Holika Holika’s real deal skin care, crazy cute makeup, best-selling body care, and much, much more all in this Holika Holika Box. Recommended for even K-Beauty beginners, this Holika Holika Box includes practical yet gosh-darn-cute beauty goodies that will really transform you into a Holika Holika-holic, leaving you begging for more.

Contents :
- Neon beam nails (03 Orange mood)
- Aqua petit jelly starter
- Aloe 99% soothing gel 
- Sweet cotton pore cover powder
- Jewel light waterproof eyeliner (06 Olive perridot)
- Heartful moisture lipstick (PK121 Pink love)
- Jewel light shimmer eyes (SBR04 Yogurt) 
- Soda pore cleansing oil 

Soda Pore Cleansing BB Cleansing Oil 150ml 
A low stimulating cleansing oil that clears blackheads and whiteheads for a clearer complexion. Formulated with olive oil, argan oil, and Harrogate water. This unique cleansing oil increases skin elasticity, regenerates new skin cells, heals scars and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to soothe irritated skin. 

So quite a barrage of claims there from the Deep cleansing oil. Which i will gladly test as i have a multitude of scars. So to see any fading or skin healing, will be interesting to report back on. 

Aloe 99% soothing gel 
 99% aloe vera leaf extract from pristine Jeju Island. The soothing gel moisturizes and soothes the irritated skin. Direction: Take an appropriate amount and apply on the body. 

Aloe is well known for its properties in calming skin, thats been exposed to sun damage. So i cant see any reason why it wouldnt work on other areas of damaged  skin. 

Aqua petit jelly starter
  Pink jelly texture starter makes skin look transparent and luminous. It keeps skin moist and hydrated, helps makeup stay all day long. Directions : Use the spatula and take a moderate amount. Use after your basic skin care routine and before your makeup application.

So a primer that can be buffed into the skin first and give that flawless base. Also claiming to enhance and illuminate skin. Now for myself when my skin is super dry during winter, this could prove to be a fantastic product. I cant wait to try it. 

Sweet cotton pore cover powder
 Fine powder to fill in pores, giving soft skin texture finish. The Sugar helps to  moisturise rough skin, the cotton extract absorbs oil giving soft and silky skin. Lotus flower extract tighten pores, noni extract protect sensitive skin from external irritation. How to Use : Use puff to apply right amount onto face, tap gently on oily area.

Beautiful fine milled Powder with a soft puff to apply the powder. Perfect for oily to sensitive skins, also doesnt dry out skin or leave a cakey apperence.I like this powder and cant wait too use it more.

Heartful Moisture Lipstick 
 Lovely heart-shaped moisturizing lipstick with highly pigmented color. It melts on the lips, making each application smooth and easy. 

I recieved a stunning colour of this lipstick with its cute design. The lipstick is shaped like a beautiful heart. Definatly a show stopper when you pull it out of your bag. 

Jewel light shimmer eyes (SBR04 Yogurt) 
With one one touch bling-bling shining eyes.

This eyeshadow is a lovely golden colour. Perfect colour for highlighting and for doing a light look. Universally a great colour for every skin tone. Also can be blended with other shades, to add some shimmer and glamour. Glad i recieved this lovely shade. 

Jewel light waterproof eyeliner (06 Olive perridot)
Laden dust seems to glitter with dazzling jewels attractive colours. Colour Pencil features a powerful waterproof eyeliner.

I was hoping as i looked at the available colours, that i would get this olive green. As i have so many blacks and this colour is truely unique. The photo doesnt do it justice, yet to have as a pencil to finish a look. I would use this under eye to smudge out, or as my upper liner to enhance definition or a simple change from black. Rich and creamy consistancy with a high pigment level. 

Neon beam nails (03 Orange mood)

Is not a colour im fond of, however the polish consistency is lovely. It can be watery to most, however it does dry quickly. Just a shame the colour doesnt suit me. 

So another good box with many new and exciting products to try. I found the nail polish to be the one product, i may need to pass on. Its a tad too neon for myself. Other then that the products im very happy with and il use them.   

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