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Yves Rocher products

Yves Rocher is a brand i know of through subscription boxes. Ive had some samples and really liked the products ive tried so far. Its affordable and has a vast selection of products. 

They say : 

Yves Rocher is France's no. 1 selling make-up and skincare brand. Its sold in 88 countries worldwide. The brand's specialty is providing affordable, all-natural beauty products that use specially-grown botanical properties.  Yves Rocher has always been guided by the singular belief that every woman around the world has a right to beautyThat is why Yves Rocher made it a rule to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

Yves Rocher can offer all women high-quality affordable cosmetics at local outlets because it is an all-in-one grower, producer and distributor that handles every stage of its products with no middlemen. This uncompromising course of action has always been the brand's standard and always will be.

Silky Cream  {Les plaisirs Nature}

The enjoyment of a melt-in body cream enriched with organic oats. Nourishing and deliciously perfumed with organic oats. This melt-in body cream brings, incomparable suppleness and softness to the skin veiling it with lusciousness.

This cream is presented in a lovely flip jar that can be reused, after you have finished with the cream. I have used this cream for the past couple of weeks and its beautiful. My husband has even commented on how much he likes this cream. It looks very thick and gives the appearance that it wont absorb, however when it touches the skin it goes translucent. Then when you look at your skin it is covered with a hydration layer, which absorbs within minutes and smells fresh. Beautiful cream i would recommend to anyone, needing hydration after a bitter winter on the skin. This is light and perfect for anyone who doesn't like heavy creams. 

Fizzy Bath Cube {Les plaisirs Nature}

The pleasure of a fizzy bath with luscious coconut. This fizzy bath cube dissolves into a multitude, of tiny perfumed bubbles that burst on your skin. Your bath smells wonderful. A luscious interlude that brings immense relaxation.

This little cube may look small, yet like they say "the best things come in small packages". This doesnt dissapoint at all. Just dropped into your warm water, its turned into a coconut rich relaxing tub. Coconut is perfect for the driest and most sensitive of skins. Also conditions hair beautifully so this water is nourishing, from the minute the cube fizzes away and you step in. Tiny bath cube and perfect satisfaction in one. 

Yves Rocher - Long-lasting botanical moisturising hand cream

Your hands are thirsty for moisture every day. Just like your face, your hands are highly exposed. Protect them by moisturising them daily. This moisturizing cream also has a long-lasting effect.
- Paraben free 
- Dermalogically tested
Botanical Extract with it's soothing and protective properties. Yves Rocher  selected Arnica Chamissonis, for its ability to shield the skin from external aggressions.  

So the hand cream whilst i will say the packaging, is really not to my taste in that it seems to need a slight rebrand. However its the product that matters and how it performs.This cream is thick when squeezed from the tube. However it rubs in well and absorbs with the warmth from your hands. So it doesnt sit and cause sticky or tacky feeling, which is whats important for me in a hand cream. You can feel the cream has been applied as your fingertips feel instantly softer. It smells lightly fragranced with floral  scents and tones. It is a long lasting cream and felt that my hands were softer, after application and not chapped or sore for a longtime. 

Yves Rocher - Anti fatigue foot gel 

Lavender has long been known for its relaxing and purifying propertiesIt is organically-grown. The fresh extract give us our organic lavender essential oil. Instantly soothes heavy-feeling legs and feet.

- Organic lavender essential oil for the well-being and comfort of your feet.
- Also refreshing peppermint essential oil.
Shea butter for its restorative action.
Apply 2 times per day on your feet and massage upwards on legs.

The anti-fatigue is new product to me for feet especially. However it makes sense to look after your feet, aswell as any other part of your skin. The lavender is a well known multi-purpose ingredient, that rejuvinates, relaxes and recharges skin and moods. So does the anti-fatigue work for feet ? 

Its definatly cooling and you can smell the peppermint oil within the gel. This is definatly good for the feet, if you are on them alot and need cooling down. Its fantasticly fresh and natural properties help keep skin supple. The feet are the part of the body that can breakdown so easy, so good care is important. This is definatly a product that can ensure this. 

These products are beautiful and affordable. They give a great standard of product, for each part of the body they are aimed at. Ive loved the Natural silky cream as its stunning on the skin and hydrates. Even though some packaging is not to my tastes, the products have shown me that packaging is not everything. We do get lost in packaging but Yves rocher is definatly is providing quality first class products. 

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  1. I love Yves Rocher too, I think their quality has def improved over the years!


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