Friday, 13 February 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Lip-balm

Bomb cosmetics are a natural and unique brand that offers something a little special. There packaging is fun and colourful, giving a real change to the normal and conventional. It's a brand i would purchase from because of the quirky fun style and impressive flavours. I love to see british brands becoming successful and being natural too. 

They say : 
Bomb Cosmetics is a closely guarded and cherished secret in the cosmetics business. Established over 14 years ago. We launched our bright, natural, fun and affordable handmade product's. Our humble beginnings with just a few lovingly crafted Bath Blasters, we now export a varied product range to over 45 countries. We pride ourselves on making product's, that smell and feel wonderful on your skin.
We carefully select the best ingredients, natural butters and pure essential oils. Minimising our packaging as much as possible, to ensure our little luxuries don’t hurt the planet. Also don’t forget, all of our products come with free extra love. So why not make your beauty regime a little more beautiful?

Bomb Cosmetics - Chilli Mango 

An intensely moisturising and juicy chilli mango lip balm with a delicate shimmer. A vibrant and fruity cocktail of peach schnapps, sweet orange, melon and mango with a twist of chilli.

This is a beautiful lip balm with a fruity scent and light tint. Beautifully presented colourful packaging, for this potted lip balm. It applies like any other potted balm, by slightly warming with body heat. Then taking some on your finger to apply to the lips. Which is highly moisturising and a really good balm. I love the slight shimmer this balm seems to have and the scent last's on the lip's. I like this balm so much that im going to look into more bomb cosmetics items. There range looks very stylish with a cute edge to them. So i look forward to bringing more Bomb cosmetics to my blog. 

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