Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lip Smackers Lip balm

Firstly an american household brand that is known for its huge range of flavours. So coming to the Uk its taken on some of our favourite and most loved classics. If you want something fun and also available in presentation gift tins. These lip balms will give you more then the balm, they also offer a little bit of retro flashback to your youth. So how are the actual balms at hydrating your lips ?

They say :
In Our World we Explore flavour, colour and design trends to innovate delicious flavours. Develop new flavours and formulas in our lip gloss lab where samples are tasted for authenticity. Design logos, patterns, layouts and labels in our creative studio. 

Since 1973, we have put smiles on lips around the globe. We hope our authentic flavour and colourfully designed products make you happy.
 The colourful, collectable tubes put a smile on every face. We are passionate about making you smile, with high quality products that you love and love to use

LipSmacker Walls Ice Cream Trio Pack 

Taste Walls Ice Cream Retro Ice Creams ideal for party bag pressies or a gift for the girl that loves lip balms. Cult US beauty brand LipSmackers offer the authentic taste of your favorite Walls Ice-cream brands in a lip balm that's good for your lips and tastes even better.  The delicious flavours of Feast, Twister and Starship on your lips. Tastes just like the real thing too.

Flavours include

Feast : Brown coloured lip balm with no pigment on application. Has a rich chocolate smell, is like most universal chocolate scents. Can not distinguish the light chocolate from the dark centre, however it does give the scent and doesn't leave quickly like most chocolate balms. 

Twister : Pink tinted balm. Rich fruity scent of the Twister mainly the pink strawberry centre scent is present, as it settles the creamy scent of the ice-cream comes through and mixes with this. Beautifully moisturising and tinted lightly to give a lovely pinch of colour to the lips. 
Starship 4 : Lightly lilac tinted balm which gives no pigment when applied. Smells like mixed berry fruit and has a hint of sherbet/popping candy also. Lovely smelling balm and moisturising. Leaves a nice sheen to the lips. 

Comes packaged within a traditional twist up tube. 

Bubble gum : Comes in a Pink tube with a pink tinted balm. Probably the oddest flavour as i expected the pink bubblegum smell, like candy floss and sweet. This however was minty and smelled like eucalyptus, with that scent of a chewing gum rather then a sweet scent. Very confusing to the senses but this may be what bubblegum colour is in the USA. I liked this but i prefer sweet scents when using lip balm, this would be fantastic for winter when you need this scent to unblock you. 

Essential for the cold weather is a Lip balm. Nothing feels better then moisturised lips as cracked lips do hurt. So when picking a lip balm now that there are so many choices on the market, I'm looking to find one that gives me the most hydration to my lips. The balm's are fabulous for having in your bag,they give instant relief to dry lip's. It's fantastic for all ages and something fun to bring back memories. 

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  1. OMG lip smackers! I used these when I was a kid, I even had the geeky ones you could hang around your neck lol. This brings back sweet, fruity memories :)


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