Thursday, 5 February 2015

Smooch cosmetics (Duo Blush, Bronzer and Eyeshadow duo)

I love Smooch cosmetics. There packaging is sleek and compact which is constantly compared to a high end brand, however they are more affordable. Offering a high quality of cosmetics with good levels of pigment and easy to work with being blend able. They offer a really nice wide selection of products. Currently the website is down, so i have found that they are being sold on Amazon. 

They say : 
Smooch Cosmetics known for their saucy, lacy packaging and highly desirable range of colours. The concept came, quite simply, from a drawer of lingerie. The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that was saucy and sexy without being salacious. It's all about confidence. We love our packaging but know that if we were to peel back the lace, you still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.

So the packaging is as it says in the above statement, lacy and chic with a hint of naughty to it. I find its very classy packaging with the inner case feeling like suede. Im in love with them so far so lets see how the products stand up to testing.

Smooch bronzer in shade "Smooched"

The bronzer in "Smooched" is a duo tone. With the main colour being around the "S" initial, you can use a small brush to just use this if you wish. Mixing the colours gives a light shimmer. So you have a choice within one compact. I found the colour to be very good for paler skin tones. The pigment is also very good and easily blend able. I love that this compact has a big mirror within it, so its the perfect handbag compact. The brush within the compact could be improved, to offer a little more control in the placement of colour and blend ability. Other then that its a beautiful compact bronzer. 

Smooch duo Blush in shade "Peachy" 

Now the blush in "Peachy" is again a duo shade product. One half is the more pink for a bolder look, the other half is peachy for a more subtle look. Mixed turns into a lovely peach with pink hints within it. Offers lovely pigment without being overbearing and also blends really well into your contour. This blush is a perfect daily use colour. It also has a compact mirror inside for travelling. 

Smooch Eyeshadow Duo in shade "Seattle"

I love the Smooch eyeshadows. "Seattle" is a beautiful taupe with shimmer and paired with a golden cream shade. They blend beautifully and this duo alone could be used, if you didnt want to take a huge palette or many shades. A lovely taupe smokey eye that can be intensified, by using a eye pencil smudged with the shadow on top to intensify. This is the ideal duo for all neutral shade lovers. Being so affordable and also the packaging is luxurious feeling. 

I loved using the Smooch products used to create the look below. Using the products for this look, I contoured with the darkest part of the bronzer. Then using both shades in the compact to bronze my face with. The blush was then beautiful to use with the bronzer and blended in so easily, i used both the shades within the blush. I have yet to use the eyeshadow duo on its own. However i will post more pictures on my instagram bar of looks featuring it. This will be doing a natural look for valentines day, then how to turn it into a beautiful evening look for those women on the run. 

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