Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Nivea Q-10 range & 3in1 Micellar water

I love Nivea products as they are affordable and brilliant skincare. So when I saw the new 3 in 1 cleansing water, I was so excited. Along with the cleansing water, I also tried the Q-10 hand cream and firming shower cream. Having dry skin at times the Q-10 range with its Moisturising formula would be the perfect shower cream to help improve the skin's condition.

They say :
For an easy daily routine that will leave your skin feeling spa-firm and moisturised, try our new NIVEA Q10 Energy formula. The advanced ‘energy complex’ features three power ingredients to improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity. Try it today for energised and firm skin, within just two weeks.

Co-enzyme Q10 is found naturally in our bodies and enhances skin regeneration and repair – increasing the collagen and elastin that keep your skin looking and feeling young, supple and healthy. With these super skin-boosting benefits, it’s easy to see why we picked it as the star ingredient in the NIVEA Q10 Energy Body range. 

Q10 : Age defying hand cream

 Q10 Plus Age Defying Hand Cream effectively preserves the natural beauty of your skin by reducing the appearance of ageing and smoothing your hands.

This cream is lovely on the hands and smells beautiful. Well absorbed and only a small amount is required to hydrate the skin. Its a generous sized bottle too, so it will last. Its a fantastic handbag cream and really is great when those cold days hit. Now coming into spring i want to replenish as well as hydrate. Replenishing the skin is what i want to do in the months nearing spring, as i want to show healthy hands and nails. So far my hands are looking hydrated and my nails are beginning to strengthen and really grow quick so i can shape and paint them. I used to have very weak nails that would break and i would end up having to cut them down, now i have a decent size to paint and decorate. They are really lovely looking and healthy, so I'm really impressed. This hand cream is the one i feel can keep my hands well hydrated and my nails health and strong. 

In-Shower body moisturising firming 24hr Care Q-10 plus

Moisturises instantly to get dressed and go. Normal to dry skin Q10 & massage beads & menthol. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

I love this Shower wash and it is perfect for dry skin. As i feel my skin is amazingly cleansed and then its left moisturised after i leave the shower. It is perfect for that day where you are pushed for time  need a moisturising product, yet don't have time to put loads of cream and serums on. It really smells fresh and gives a great deep cleaning to the skin, without it being irritating or making the skin sore. Whilst it does say it is firming I can see my thigh area is better condition, yet i do tend to massage and really rub this shower wash in as its so moisturising. So i will spend that bit longer in the shower using this wash, to really make sure every part of my body is well moisturised. I can say that in reading on massage is beneficial so maybe it is helping my legs look well conditioned. I really love this shower wash as its just made my skin looking so much better, as i don't have days where my moisturising step is missed due to less time. 

3 in 1 Miceller cleansing water

Daily Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water cleanses deeply, removes make-up from face and eyes and moisturises in one step. It helps protect against the 3 main signs of sensitive skin

Redness, Tightness, Dryness

The caring formula with Dexpanthenol & Grape Seed Oil. Cleanses deeply thanks to its extra effective yet mild cleansing complex. Moisturises and refreshes the skin, Is free of parabens, colours and perfume.

I have to say that in my top Nivea products, this is a definate must have. I love Nivea wipes, however there are months i cant afford to purchase them. So i applied this to my cotton pad, to see if i can get the same cleansing as my wipes. This is refreshing, hydrating, cooling and cleanse's beautifully. It will remove my most stubborn makeup and heaviest eyeliner with such ease. This product is a fantastic addition to my skincare routine and i will always have a backup now. Im so impressed at how well it cleansed my skin and just made me feel refreshed in the morning. Im so glad i tried this product. 

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  1. I love Nivea as well, use moisturizing cream and also shampoo :)

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