Sunday, 22 March 2015

MAC - Cinderella Collection

One of the most eagerly awaited for collections from MAC has been the Disney Cinderella release.  Following the hugely successful Malificent and after the comments made that it was too small, MAC certainly upped there game with Cinderella and the vast collection. Featuring new eye glosses and topped with a beautiful packaging, it was always going to be a blink and you'd miss it must have. I was very lucky that I obtained the items I wanted, the "Royal ball" lipstick being the only item i missed. 

They say : 

The most famous Disney princess of all inspires a limited-edition colour collection magical 

enough to make all your dreams come true. Beloved for her kind heart and determined mind that 

dares to dream, Cinderella envisages enough makeup shades to fill a pumpkin carriage. All 

products are transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging that could 

rival the most regal of gowns.

Beautifully packaged Cinderella collection 

The most beautiful of packaging being a periwinkle blue with gold edging. The Cinderella is also gold embossed with the infamous disney logo above. Its stunning and really quite breathtaking as periwinkle is rarely used and its a shame as its such a lovely colour. This is by far the best packaging I've seen from MAC since the Aquatic collection. 

Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette 

Eyes look entrancing in the softest browns, glimmering champagne and sparkle-flecked black of 

Stroke of Midnight. 

Shades include :
Satin Taupe
Stroke of Midnight

Is a beautifully cased 6 pan of MAC must have shadows from there permanent line, with "Stroke of midnight" being the only exclusive shade. Now whilst i can see MAC having 2 palettes of shadows, including more of the blue's and beautiful shades included in the film. I can see that many women find blue there nemesis (as do i) being that it clashes with most eye colours and can look 80's if not done right. In saying that i have seen blue incorporated within duo chrome eyeshadow shades, that looks stunning and i wish they would have done this and also featured the packaging's duo chrome periwinkle as a shade also. 

Im happy i have this palette as out of all my 2 15 pan's i own, I do not have any neutral shades from MAC. So this is the perfect Neutral palette for me and perfect for travel, plus its beautifully presented. 

Beauty powder : Mystery princess 

Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess gives the face a touch of radiance for skin that seems to glow 

from within. Transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging.

Now i love compact's and will grab a collection compact if i love it as i think they are beautiful to collect. I will hit pan and then still keep the compact and boxing, as i just really think they are beautiful. Plus now pans of powder are being released i can refill them with my own personal shades. 
So onto this Beauty powder, which i will admit is not the most pigmented of all the compacts i own. It is a lovely pearl highlight with a pink tone to it. I will use this more as a highlight then an all over powder as its very shimmery, it has no fallout plus blended in very well using only a small amount. Overall for what i will use it for,  I'm very happy with the powder plus its stunningly packaged. 

Iridescent pressed powder in Coupe D'chic

Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe D’Chic imparts a shimmering sheen that will make you the 

belle of the ball. Transformed in specially designed pearlized light lavender blue packaging

So this powder is very sheer to the colour within the compact and its very hard, with even the biggest of swatches to see any pigment. However being an iridescent powder it is supposed to enhance rather then be the main product you use. So with this powder i would use it to add some shimmer to a matte blush and then blend upwards to give a slight highlight sheen to my cheek. It has the odd glittery speck when applied but i can't see if thats a top spray until i use it more. Overall it could have had a extra bit of pigment to really raise it to a exceptional product. For what I'm using it for, as i said above to boost my blushes then I'm happy with the product.

Of all the product i saw, i loved these 3 and the "Royal ball" lipstick was a beautiful shade, however this collection was really a task to find and grab hold of. I love the palette and the powders will serve the purpose's i have for them. I am now much more aware of what items i want within a collection before i buy. As I'm noticing a lot of the shades being re-promoted, So i don't want doubles if i can help it. Cinderella is a beautiful collection and I'm loving the products. 

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  1. Love the look of the eyeshadow palette. I'm wondering if everything is still out of stock, I'd love to actually get my hands on a limited edition set for once!


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