Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Nourish - Balance: Vita-boost Body cream

Nourish is a beautiful brand that offers a lovely range of skincare products. The newest release is the Body cream. In total 4 body cream's were released, I opted to try the "Balance" body cream. 

They say :

Apple glycans improve cellular messaging, boosting skin's elasticity and suppleness. Phyto-active marine algin is combined with hyaluronic acid and peptides known to stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the dermal extra cellular matrix for firmer, smoother skin. Deeply enriching East African shea nilotica softens and protects skin from moisture loss.

Balance vita-boost body cream

Boosts skins natural elasticity and suppleness with extracts of natural apple. 81% Organic.

This body cream is packaged really well with a pump action to dispense the cream. It ensures that you get the amount you want, also no contamination of your cream. It smell's beautiful with a mix of apple scent and the hint of cream. The apple scent is like a tart granny smith, a juicy green apple. Full of spring and summer scent. 

On one pump you can rub into your skin, it will show like cream (without being heavy) and not disappear till fully rubbed in. It absorbs whilst being rubbed in and doesnt sit on the skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. My skin looks hydrated and feels silky smooth after being applied. It goes a long way and is gentle on every part of the body. Its the perfect cream if your looking to boost your tired or dry skin.

The place's i noticed the most difference was the tricky and hard to reach area's. Areas that can be particularly tricky to hydrate and keep supple, are the joints where they are moving constantly. This movement can mean cream will wear off quickly and not absorb fully into the skin. So you'll often find you need a really thick heavy cream, hoping this will in some way get some cream to absorb. This cream does absorb fully and helps drier area's like my elbow's, not become sore or too tight with daily life. It can make winter skin transitioning into spring a lot more comfortable, until the area is fully restored.

Another favourite from nourish that works beautifully and is perfect for spring. The scent is amazing and so fruity that you'll love the change, from the more heavy scents of winter into the light airy scents of spring. I like that i can see if the cream is fully absorbed,  just too have a nice 10 minutes (whole body area) of it being massaged in. You will really get the benefits of the scent and taking the time to massage it in (you can be quick with it and still get the same result), as its so refreshing and a perfect spring morning wakeup call. 

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