Thursday, 16 April 2015

My little Dream box - April edition

I love the time of the month when "My little box" arrives. Its not just a marrad of beauty items but an exciting box full of unique surprise's. With this month's theme being "Dreams", I cannot wait too see the offering's with this concept. 

So the art-work on the box is beautiful as always. I love too keep these boxes and have them for storage on my beauty shelf. They look chic and unique.

So the contents for this month were : 

- A cloud pocket with a surprise inside 
- Beauty bag with the standard 3 items 
- Magazine
- Pillow parcel with an item inside 

So many surprise's within this box, let's get cracking and see what is hidden within

Fluffy cloud pocket 

This beautiful pocket is stitched and inside is lined with felt, so your surprise is well protected. What a beautiful surprise, which can be either a pendant, bracelet or tied to any place of importance to you. It's really beautiful and was presented so finely, also in keeping with the boxes theme. So much detail on this one item, its why i love this box so much. 

"Stamped with love" pouch

Now within the pocket marked "stamped with love", I found this amazing addition. A stamper with many message's and pictures plus a black coloured ink pad. The sayings are a mix of french and english, which will make any correspondence unique. I love to be crafty and this is perfect to help liven up a letter or diary entry. I used this to print the fluffy clouds that dreams are made of. I think it came out quite well and was very easy to clean. 

A little tip : make sure the stamp has been inked sufficently, like any stamp this is too ensure a clear print. 

Beauty bag

So within the beauty bag this month is a delightful trio. 
- Sabe Masson in Copacabana is a perfume stick, that is so soft and fresh scented. Perfect for the spring month's, Copacabana is a exotic and fresh scent. This is a perfect choice for me out of the 2 available, as i tend to not like overly floral scents. The packaging is vibrant and full of colour. 
- Loved by Lou lesage is a beautiful lip balm that is a rich deep red colour. A small pot of richly moisturising lip balm. Perfect to rehydrate those lips for spring, ready to show off those lovely spring colours. 
- Repairing hair mask from My little beauty's product range. Full of walnut oil and Shea butter, that will give your hair a boost. Helping to re-nourish dry or damaged hair. So i cant wait to try this hair mask and see the results. 

All in all a really nice selection of products. Lovely to see a hair mask plus light products for spring. The lip balm is a rich vibrant red, with the perfume stick it's a handbag friendly product. So im really excited by these additions. 

My little beauty "April edition"

The magazine this month is not the usual quality of a glossy spread from month's passed. It however is a paper version that's been folded. I really dont like this version, i hope that they revert back too the old format. A magazine may seem trivial, yet the glossy version was one i enjoyed reading in the evening. 

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