Sunday, 13 September 2015

KISS : Gel polish kit & LED Lamp

It's no secret that i love KISS Nails and there manicures. I bit my nails since i can rembember and let's be honest its not a pretty look. As i used to go to the nail salon alot and now i cant visit them, i love that i have the option of home manicure's. 

The Kiss® Everlasting Gel Polish™ French manicure set 
This kit provides a flawless, high-gloss finish that lasts up to 14 days. It includes French wraps for a perfect smile line every time. The gel polish applies like polish and dries instantly under an LED or UV lamp (sold separately). Simply apply base gel and cure for 30 seconds, apply colour gel and cure for 60 seconds, then seal with top gel and cure for 30 seconds. 
The French manicure set includes 
28 French wraps in 14 sizes
- Brush on gel glue
- Petal colour gel
- base gel
- top coat gel
gel cleanser
- 25 lint-free wipes
- Buff block, manicure stick, mini file and instruction sheet.

A fantastic set which gives a beautiful sleek finish. The instructions are easy to follow and can either use the colours provided. There are plenty of alternative colours to choose from as a singular bottle of nail gel. Which is what i did as i wanted something a little brighter then the french manicure, so i used a colour called "Lush". A really beautiful colour and amazing when applied. 
LED Lamp

- Lamp set 
Safely cures gels quickly & evenly
- 30- and 60-second built-in timer
- Automatic turn-off
Experience : This lamp was fantastic to use. I especially liked the beep to make you aware the first 30 second's had passed. It allowed for a easy and really relaxing manicure. The lamp is small and compact, easy for storage and use if wanted travelling. 
I really love this kit and cannot wait to use and purchase more of the gel colours. It's an amazing Nail set that gives me a fantastic time to relax and clear my mind for a short while. It also gives for social time when you want friend's over to have some girly time. The acrylic gel polish is of a professional quality and looks like i visited a salon. Easy to apply, with a high quality shine and even coat of polish. Its lasted a week so far with no chipping or showing that it could be breaking down, it looks fresh as the time i applied. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone whom wants salon quality yet does not have access to one. 

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