Thursday, 24 March 2016

Revel Eyelashes

When it comes to eyelashes, I love natural with plenty of volume as my lashes are quite thin. I have yet to try human hair lashes so when I saw revel lashes, I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to trial them. They are affordable and i'm hoping they do apply well and are comfortable to wear. 

We stock all of the lashes you love, from the most natural Demi whisp's to the most flamboyant double lashes. When it comes to lashes we've got you covered from your office desk to the dance floor and more.
* Natural Handmade Lashes that are extremely comfortable
* Easy to Apply, Remove and Reusable
* Ultra Lightweight Flexible Lash Bands that provide a natural look
- Each box contains 1 pair of lashes & our revolutionary new skin friendly water proof adhesive, guaranteed from 48hrs - 60hrs without retouching. Made with 100% Human Hair.

- Revel lashes : Number 024
Boost your panache effortlessly with the thickness provided by these lashes. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look. 
These stunning lashes have a tiny space between the differently lengthed hair, aiding blend-ability and assisting in looking more natural. Beautiful lashes that feel light and give your eye's a lovely fuller appearence. They give a subtle look making the eye's appear bigger and brighter, adding some dramatic flare without being overly noticeable. I love this set of lashes. 

- Revel lashes : Number 007
Assert the power of your eyes with these lashes that provide beautiful length and volume. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look.
Beautiful lashes with an even distribution  of hair that align with your own lashes, adding length and the look of natural lash hair. The thin lash band give's the lashes a seamless and additionally natural looking finish. Can be curled for your specific needs, which i had to do when using my glasses. I will purchase the shorter length on the site, as I love these so much and I want to wear these with my glasses daily. 

- Revel lashes : Number 015
These delicate lashes boost length to give your eyes a flaunt worthy natural flair. Its Ultra light flexible lash bands blend perfectly with your natural eye lash line giving it a magnificently natural look. 
I love these lashes as the space give's a sense of natural growth, making these brilliant lashes for women whom have sparce area's. They are lightweight and look amazing with a slight cat eyeliner flick, as they easily transition into dramatic lashes from that simple step.


Overall thought's
The packaging on Revel lashes is professional, attractive and sturdy. Given that they can be re-used after cleaning, I appreciate having the box to get the most wear as possible. Also with the lashes being human hair, the quality is so impressive. Also they were the easiest lashes I've ever used, as I didn't need tweezers which is my regular essential tool for application. 
These lashes look natural and have a thin lash band for easy and great application. The band can be concealed and they hold a good coat of adhesive, which makes sure the lash is held confidentially through the day. It can easily be fitted tight up against your own lashes or by adding a thin eyeliner flick. All depend's on preference when wearing your lashes. 
Revel offer a wide range of lash style's, including length and thickness of the hair.  These are very high quality eyelashes and if cleaned can be reused over and over again. I would not hesitate to purchase and am going to obtain some with slightly   shorter hair, so my glasses do not disturb the positioning. 

My only tiny peeve was that I wish the adhesive wand was flat. As the glue dries at the container top (can form a glue string) and i needed to dip the wand numerous times top pick up some glue. 

- Lash adhesive 
While most lash brands use Latex adhesives like DUO to apply their false lashes, which can cause skin reactions. Revel false eyelashes have formulated the worlds first latex free lash adhesive which has been dermatological tested. It's formulation is water, heat and sweat resistant and is guaranteed to last from 40hrs to 60hrs without retouching. Now remember with Revel " Every day is a lash day" 

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