Thursday, 31 March 2016

Simply - Washing powder

Part of my blog expansion is not only reviewing product's of beauty, lifestyle, writing and craft area's. I also want to include reviews of everyday item's that can influence beauty, for example washing powder if not careful can cause skin sensitivity. So I want to inform you of products im using and how they perform in relation to quality and effects on skin etc

About : Scott Base has been New Zealand’s leading Antarctic research centre since the 1950s. One of its key roles is to provide leadership in minimising the environmental impact of human activity on this precious environment. it’s testament to the cleaner, greener washing powder of Simply that ours are the only laundry detergents supplied for use to staff and scientists at Scott Base. And you can lessen your own ecological impact by following the lead of those who look after their surroundings where it matters most.

- Simply: Sensitive soft tab's

Simply Sensitive Soft-tabs have a powerful non-biological formulation which has been clinically proven to provide optimum cleaning, disinfection, sanitisation with a gentle perfume.
Simply Powder-tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society. 
Can be bought on amazon via this link : Simply-Sensitive

- Simply : Pure soft tab's
Simply Pure Soft-tabs have a hypo-allergenic formulation that is allergen, fragrance and phosphate free. Giving you and your family an excellent non biological wash that is gentle on your skin. Simply Powder-tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society.

Can be bought on amazon via this link : Simply Non-Bio

My thought's Easy to use compact capsule of powder which is clean in that your hands dont have any powder residue left on them. The tablet does do a good load of washing and to a good standard. Saves on using messy measuring cups and tablets that leave the powder on your fingers, this is a pre measured amount. 

Dissolves better when you go by the recommendations of putting the tablet to where your compartment fills with water. It breaks down the tablet more effectively in the compartment and no powder is left using this method.  

Clothes come out clean and smelling slightly floral yet fresh. Great cleaning capability with normal stains being removed and whites dont fade. Does not itritate sensitive skin also and is washing machine friendly. Great washing powder to use. 

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