Friday, 8 December 2017

Essie - TLC collection

Introducing gorgeous new shades for essie’s first advanced one-step care and colour collection. Following the successful launch of essie’s TLC range in January 2017. 
Treat: restore strength to dry, brittle nails in just one week.
Love: pamper your nails with a formula that locks in moisture. 
Colour: enhance nails instantly with visually brightening pigments for a healthy glow. The collection is being extended to include four stunning new shades. 

The range is the perfect solution for women who want to continue to add colour to their manicure whilst caring for their nails. By fusing the benefits of active ingredients with a range of pigmented sheers, the collection offers mani-lovers an even wider range of gorgeous colours that deliver immediate relief to dry, brittle nails. 

The advanced-care formula contains collagen, msm*, camellia extract and visually brightening pigments which all work to guarantee 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage after just one week.  

Better still, the extended range heroes a beautiful collection of beige tones for those who prefer neutral shades to pinkier hues. Essie's TLC works to turn stressed out nails into knockouts with seven heavy hitting sheers:
Tonal taupe: catch the light with hints of gold in this beige taupe
See the light: for just a touch of colour opt for a beautiful and reflective ivory beige
Treat me bright: be bright in white with a sheer, powder hue

Existing shades available:
Tinted love: if you want a delicate, romantic look, the soft peach glow is just the thing
Sheer to you: for a gorgeous ‘better than natural’ look, the pink will blend seamlessly with your nail tone

To add beauty back to your nails, celebrity manicurist and Essie Global Lead Educator, Rita Remark gives her tips:

1. Moisturise with a rich cuticle oil to keep them in tip top shape, perfectly framing your nails for colour
2. You would never moisturise without cleansing first so treat your nails the same way you treat your skin. Cleanse thoroughly with polish remover before applying any treatment or colour.
3. Never use a base coat  – it should be applied directly on the nail to provide optimal benefits.
4. Apply in long, straight brush strokes, place the brush near the cuticle and pull to the tip, then fill in with a stroke each side. The brush makes application a breeze.
5. TREAT LOVE & COLOUR is a one-step formula, so there’s no need for a top coat. Enjoy your instantly perfected nails.
This formula from Essie is universal to any look you may want to achieve. Using as a base coat if you so wish with the lighter shades to protect and strengthen the nail. I had very weak nails very prone to "side catching" then loosing any nail I had grown  as Id have to file them to save any progress. Its why I often used acrylic nails which are not the best for already weak nails. Having used the palest shaded  polish for over 2 weeks, my nails have hardened and grown and they continue to be at the length they are at with no side catching incidents. 
I love that some shades have a glittery tinge, so that the light catches correctly and it gives an impression of length. You still have the option with giving your nails healthy growth, yet also jazz up your daily look. These shades are fantastic and my nails have never been this strong. 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Good Zebra

Like its namesake animal, Good Zebra animal crackers are intentionally crafted to embrace the beauty of black + white, meaning there’s nothing shady about these little crackers. Since our spirit animal crackers are sweetened naturally with organic honey, they do, however, throw some serious shade on their refined-sugar-filled predecessors. They also up the nutrition ante with 12g of protein per serving. And unlike the caged circus animals of the past – our animals roam free and wild.
Behold: Spirit Animal Crackers.
All 11 animal cracker shapes are inspired by original tattoo art, each with a soul-touching message to enlighten, uplift and empower. Like tattoos, there is an intricacy and high-level of detail that goes into our ingredients and shapes. Every bite and flavor is a bold step away from sugary cookie- industry standards.

Made With Real Ingredients
Our spirit animal crackers are made with real ingredients to satisfy your snacking needs.
Packed With 12g of Protein
Each bag of spirit animal crackers is packed full of 12g of protein to keep your hunger under control and give your body the fuel it needs.
Great To Share With Friends
Surprise your friends by bringing these tasty spirit animal crackers to the office or your next dinner party and they'll thank you for it!
Perfect For Traveling
The resealable zip-top bag is mess-free and perfect for traveling. Now you can have a healthy snack anywhere you go.
Think gingerbread with just a hint of spice.
Chai flavour was a new experience for everyone in my family. All saying the ginger really comes through and it has taste. Its very important to have tasty protein snacks for on the go, especially if training it is essential.
Just the right amount of lemon. Our best seller!
I loved the lemony flavour crackers and so did my husband as they were so moorish that by the time you realise they are nearly done.....they are gone. (We shared a pack) so we highly recommend this lemony goodness. Fantastic flavour.
The animal crackers you ate as a kid, but better.
Vanilla was the winner in the taste challenge as the cracker was perfect to not only eat but to to have some texture. Just lightly crushed over porridge or frozen yogurt is divine. 
All in all my USA readers the good zebra company produce fantastic quality snacks. Especially if your training and find you are missing out, on that sweet treat you need just to have and be happy. The flavour's top quality and my husband enjoyed them so much, our house ended up like a scene from the film Mr & Mrs Smith. We could obtain our macros with these snacks and enjoy them without worrying. Plus you don't need to train to enjoy them, just everyone order a pack and see this flavoursome crispy cracker bring a smile to your day.

My spirit animal
Result: Zebra
The yin AND the yang of the animal kingdom, the yay and the nay, black and white—you're the whole package. The individual in the herd, you gallop to the beat of your own drum. Adversity? Simply zig-zag. That's what zebras would do. And by zebra, I mean You.​

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Yankee Candles

Ok so summer is here. In the UK we cant rely on the weather and even if the report said "bright sunshine" we always pack for if the worst happened. So I'm just going to indulge in Yankee candles should the worst happen and bring summer inside on those rainy days.
Large classic Jar
The traditional design of our signature classic jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home. Convenient and easy to use, our large jar candle provides 110 to 150 hours of true fragrance enjoyment. 
So as you may know im addicted to Yankee candles now, I love my house smelling of exotic scents or yummy cake smells. I like to get a jar as they are glass so durable plus protects from steam in the bathroom on pamper days. Romantically giving the room a calming feeling via the glass. 

About This Fragrance
The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing.

This has to be my favourite for those days where its not too warm and looks dreary outside, however inside smells just heavenly. The richness of the vanilla and buttery cream scent is just divine, when you want that sweet but not overwhelming scent that can seem almost sickly sweet. This is a definite all time favourite. Yankee candles has taken this need for moorish sweet treats away. As i have the smell of the cake and brown sugars in my senses, its eliminated the need for me to actually eat them. So its therapeutic in so many ways but its helping my healthy eating plan also.  

Tabacco flower 
About This Fragrance
The spicy sweet, woody scent of tobacco flower.

About This Fragrance
The delicious, juicy taste of ripe guava, filled with the luscious tropics.

This scent is truly tropical and refreshing with the signature Guava scent being rich and a lovely addition for your summer.  I had no problem with lighting each time, no pooling or welling just hours and house of amazing fragrance. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Crabtree & Evelyn - Summer sets

Crabtree & Evelyn has come together with London-based designer Josie Shenoy to create the vibrant packaging for our new summer gift sets, including travel kits, Hand Therapy sets and more. Josie’s illustrations focus on themes of nature and decorative arts as well as a love of storytelling. At the heart of her designs for Crabtree & Evelyn are the floral treasures found within a glasshouse and the distinctively English tradition of afternoon tea. 
With these as inspiration, Josie has created a kaleidoscopic composition in a palette of vintage colours and textures that serves as beautiful packaging for our premium gifts. Along with the gift sets is the NEW Floral Body Care collection. The collection transforms the three beloved scents of our Flower Water perfumes into shower gels, body lotions and Hand Therapies.
Hand Therapy Samplers 
These spring treats are the perfect assortment of 3 x 25g Hand Therapies. Available in four carefully curated fragrance combinations, they make the perfect gift for family and friends.
NEW Fresh Cut Florals Hand Therapy Sampler 
Florentine Freesia Hand Therapy
Venetian Violet Hand Therapy
Old World Jasmine Hand Therapy 

Classic Florals Hand Therapy Sampler 
25g Lavender Hand Therapy
25g Rosewater Hand Therapy
25g Pear & Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy 

Botanicals Hand Therapy Sampler 
25g Pomegranate Hand Therapy
25g Citron Hand Therapy
25g Avocado Hand Therapy 
Deluxe Hand Therapy Collection
For the ultimate hand care gift. Hosts our best-selling fragrances in a collectable tin. 
Contains 12 x 25g Hand Therapies 
La Source
Nantucket Briar
Summer Hill
Pear & Pink Magnolia
Evelyn Rose
Review of the bestsellers kit 
Uncover the delightful artistry and fragrance of nature’s prettiest flowers, with precious scents that cherish and sweeten the senses. Each range is composted with a fresh and uplifting twist, an invitation to rediscover the bouquet of these favoured English Garden Classics. 
La Source 5 Piece Traveller Set 
Take the power of the sea with you away for the weekend. The new La Source Traveller contains five hair and body essentials packed in a clear, zip top bag. 
The kit contains: 
50ml Refreshing Body Wash
50ml Hydrating Body Lotion
50ml Volumising Seaweed Shampoo
50ml Revitalising Seaweed Conditioner
25g Hand Therapy 
Mini Travellers 
These three piece travel sets are perfect for a weekend getaway. Each contains a travel size body wash, body lotion, and hand therapy and comes in a clear zip top pouch. 
Available in 7 fragrances: 
NEW Old World Jasmine 
NEW Florentine Freesia
NEW Venetian Violet
Pink Petal
Mini Traveler Contents 
50ml Body Wash
50ml Body Lotion
25g Hand Therapy

Florentine Freesia 
Hand Therapy 100g
Bath & Shower Gel 300ml
Body Lotion 300ml
Body Cream 200g
10ml Flower Water 
An enticing scent of freesia blended with elegant fruity floral notes. The heritage of freesia, a member of the iris family, the white iris was prevalent throughout Florence. 

Venetian Violet
Hand Therapy 100g
Bath & Shower Gel 300ml
Body Lotion 300ml
Body Cream 200g
Flower Water 10ml
Elegance of violet's with a fruity twist. Italian violet was the first to charm the Crabtree & Evelyn. In Venice, the Violet decorates as a symbol of purity and modesty. Venetian Violet Flower blended lychee, raspberry and peach, base notes of cedar wood and musk. 

Old World Jasmine 
Hand Therapy 100g
Bath & Shower Gel 300ml
Body Lotion 300ml
Body Cream 200g
Flower Water 10ml
The beautiful intense aroma of this classic flower that remains fashionable. Balancing white jasmine with a sparkling citrus notes. Valencia orange and Meyer lemon add a sweet refreshing edge. While gardenia, cyclamen and tuberose a floral fresh and very feminine. 
I love these gift and travel sets of various scent's, it really is a gift that can achieve anything from calming, extravagance and plain relaxing. New releases of scent's is always exciting. Crabtree & Evelyn really did produce quality sets for anyone you may need a gift for, or if you want a well deserved pamper evening. 

The natural ingredients mean's the scents and the quality is outstanding. As I said  I'm not a floral type of girl, so will stick to mostly fruity or sweet scents. I however now think that smelling nature in full bloom, is the most uplifting feeling to start the day with.The floral travellers sets are inspired by summer fresh blooms. 

It is inspired in every step from the grouping of products, to the beautifully illustrative decor on the hand therapy sets to the sturdy elegant travellers kits hand presentation. Is the best way I can describe this collection.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Lola Makeup by Perse

I have come to know and see Lola makeup by pearse product's via there social media and often within beauty boxes. I will still as always give full and honest reviews to each product. 

Blusher mono
Add colour to your cheeks with this soft and creamy powder that gives a velvet finish with excellent adhesion to the skin.
Micronised pigments allow you to build long-lasting colour and there is a range of shades to choose from, depending on your skin tone or the time of year. From pink to peach and warm corals, there’s a rosy cheek glow for everyone.
To use: Apply over setting powder for ease of blending or directly onto nude skin using the LOLA Blush Brush for a radiant and natural look.

This blush is very pigmented, also soft and easy to blend finely milled powder. It doesn't kick up when loading your brush so I'm not loosing any product when using  my blush. I love this shade as its subtle but gives a radiant glow. 

This rich full coverage lipstick glides on effortlessly to give full, seductive colour in just one stroke. Ultra-rich pigments offer maximum colour impact with a sophisticated lustre and a glossy finish. The creamy texture is enriched with antioxidants and nourishing plant extracts, Vitamin C, Mango Seed Butter & Vitamin E while peptides and Hyaluronic Acid work to visibly plump, smooth, condition and volumise.

To use: Apply colour directly to the lips. Use the LOLA Lip Brush for added control and a more professional finish.
Lipstick for me can be hit or miss especially with nude shades. I was kindly sent a red with a slight undertone of raspberry. Its a rich and creamy so i would strongly recommend using a clear or similar coloured lip liner. Its a beautifully pigmented, creamy long lasting formula. 

The LOLA Duo Kajal + Eyeliner combines two amazing eyeliners in one handy pen. At one end an intense black Kajal and in the other, a precise liquid eyeliner in marker pen form. It’s easy to apply, dries in seconds and stays put for up to 12 hours. The intense black liner is also waterproof, crease-proof and ophthalmologist tested.

To use: Apply a thin line close to the eyelashes or draw a thicker line flicking up at the end for a more dramatic look.
The duo kohl and eyeliner i must admit first a little wary, as I've tried similar idea's from other brands. So I firstly tried the liquid liner side which is ultra pigmented, does not flake nor bleed out of the corner eye area. It gave me good control and i felt my grip was more sturdy then a smaller liquid liner pen.
The kohl side again is a sharp tip and winds up to looking like a chubby pencil, its blended amazingly for an impressive smokey eyes look.
I have loved the Blusher and the radiant glow it gives me upon application, its a definite favourite and I cannot wait to purchase more shade's. The lipstick is beautifully creamy and highly pigmented and is a stunning colour. I loved this formula of lipstick and am looking forward to seeing the other shade's available. Now whilst the Duo Kajal & Eyeliner is a thicker "pen" to hold but it does give a feeling of better control. It is pigmented and does give me a quicker flick on my cat eyes and my waterline also needed a few strokes due to the kajal being soft and easy to apply. I would also use the Kajal as a liner for my upper lid and then smoke this out when doing my smokey eye looks. So my first impressions are that I'm very impressed with the Lola Makeup. I cannot await my second review and also showcasing more looks using these Lola products.  

Healthy life

We all say come new year and summer "I need to get fit and healthy". Something I would often do myself. However things have changed for me over the last year,  with going into a hospital and receiving treatment daily took its toll.
I needed a break from blogging as when you have tubes all over you, being clumsy and overzealous it would be my luck to have sat and pulled them all out. Not a pretty mental visual image. 
So I said "body you need a permanent boot camp". So I had started doing resistance exercises with my physiotherapist plus weights to help reverse the muscle wastage I'd incurred.
Nothing over what was comfortable or that could cause an injury, so I used resistance bands and bar bell weights. So my body was pretty much doing a slow but sure ride to recovery.
Diet on the other hand is more problematic due to my heart and kidney disease, plus diabetes i can safely say i needed to improve my diet, to accommodate all three conditions.
 So we sat down and spoke about the low salt, low fat, natural and no sugar allowed. (I do allow myself a cheat day however 😁😁) So being that my husband is into muscle workouts and eating clean has given me the drive also to improve my eating habits.

Look good feel better - Makeup Brushes

Look good and feel better Look Good Feel Better  (LGFB) is the only  international cancer support charity  that helps  women and teen...