Monday, 30 July 2012

Matis - A wonderfully Generous Company

Now we all love a good freebie and sample and Matis did not disappoint. I got a lovely reply to my email with my request for samples which is really a needle in a hay stack situation as all the companies ive emailed so far have been a big fat no go to the counter or shop and ask for a sample. (Which i cant do) so this is what Matis sent :O)

So in the orange packet was a set of a energising and revitilizing serum and cream, which on inspection the bag is re-usable and the samples are really full. With some samples you get you often at times find that its not as full nor as much in there as youd hoped but you can feel that this is full and when you open the lid there is cream to the top. So top marks there. The little packet in white contained a lovely white lip salve which smells lovely and was quite chunky and full sized. Again the blue and 2 silver containers had bronzing cream and creams to maintain balance. Which from more research on the site is what they prodominatly sell. For a company thats not known to me and many others it was a very impressive samples set.
I had to email them to personally say thank you as it was a real treat to recieve.

So in light of this i had to place an order and wow 30% off as well so its was really hard to choose which product i wanted so ended up getting the revitalising Cleanser with the 50ml Toner free.
And this is what arrived a massive bottle with the 2 (25ml) toners then another lot of samples included with the Order....Im really loving Matis at the moment and cant wait to see what comes in my Twitter Prize from them.

Ren Kit and samples offer

Again another offer posted by jo....she's the woman of the month for these :O)
So REN Skincare not known to me that well until i saw the offer posted and had a proper look at the produce available which again i was licking my chops dribbling at the ranges on offer.
So as most people did i got the 2 muslin cloths and bag then recieved the free REN set (rrp £20) and pick of 2 samples of about 10 that come up.

So these were the ren products and the samples came in a lovely little paper bag like a extra present to open. Now i again same as the dermalogica havent had a chance to fully review every product as ive been doing the reviewing products. But wow oh my lordy i have found the product that is the life saver for my T-zone and eyes. The T-zone balancing gel is the most amazing does what it says on the tin product ive ever used, I suffer terribly dry T-zone with my foundation being flacky and horrid in this area if its really bad. I used this and then super hot day Olympic road race pegging it past my door and only 2 applications my foundation was impeccable didnt flake at all nor feel like my skin was suffering. So big huge thumbs up love it so much will be a beauty staple for me from now on.
So the Eye say its like a watery gel is the best description but goes very far and is very cooling and refreshing to the eyes after you have wiped off all your make up and sometimes can leave the eyes feeling a bit raw if you use alot of mascara and eyeliner which i do as i really love my eye make up. This i put on my eyes and was lovely feeling like having cucumber when your at a spa or home spa'g like i have to do lol. I used one of my cloths which i was so surprised how big they are i really expected a piddly size cloth and it was massive. Plus i love the fact you can wash,re-use and re-store them in the bag you get .thumbs up to no wasting !!
So as i said big thumbs up to REN so far im sure i will be getting more of the kit out as the days go on to remove and maintain my skin with all the reviewing im doing so i dont damage my skin and the REN will certainly keep it balanced and revitalised.

So till the next review.......way da go REN Skincare.

Dermalogica Mini Kit and extras

So dermalogica offer we all got courtesy of jo thank you :O)Here is what the dermalogica looked like

Now this set was a wonderful offer you buy any of clean start range and get the lip gloss full size free plus the samples they offer with any order.
Now i got the mini kit which was for sensitive skin as my hubbie suffers terrible if he shaves so he looked at this and was impressed and even commented he would like to try this,which is not like him at all !! lol
So ive used the lipgloss/moisturiser and well to say i was sitting for a while smelling it going huh what is that smell its firmiliar???? i came to the brain lightbulb moment that it smells exactly like chocolate orange/matchsticks you get at christmas. So i was smelling it for ages as i love chocolate orange. lol i know nut case ! lol
So easy application with a lovely feel not like any lipgloss ive used where they are tacky and your constantly going pah pah pah to part your lips and constant licking this coated your lips nicely with a layer that was quite long lasting i must have had it on for 4-6 hours and could still smell it and feel the lovely coat on my lips which felt less chapped and cracked,deffo my fave one ive tried so far and one i will be getting for ages now as was a lovely feel on my lips.
Im a very picky person when it comes to my lips i hate the standard glosses which feel like a layer of tacky tape and licking a zillion envelopes. Not for me so thumbs up dermalogica for that product.

Will update blog post when i try the other 2 in the mini kit as im bogged down with glossy samples and other products which need reviews doing.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Harrods Glossy Box Offer

Well i got a mail-shot about the harrods or natural branded boxes as a gift when you sign up to GlossyBox.
So here is the box and a rundown of the wonderful contents.
So this lovely box of Lushness included:
  • Fendi- Fan Di Fendi Eau de Toilette: Lovely sample with miniture sized bottle and packing
  • Ojon-Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum:Love this Product well needed ! lol
  • Erno Laszlo-The Hollywood Collection 5 piece set:Well presented packet with 5 samples
  •   Burberry Beauty Miniture-Rosewood No 4:Lovely mini lipstick really impressed with Quality
  • Clarins-Extra Firming body cream:Lovely Size sample with a high end brand

I must say i adore this box, came before my first Glossybox so i was expecting really amazing things, I wasnt disappointed with my first box as previous blog entry says.

I have since signed up with a few boxes and really cant wait to review them all and get a proper and true feel for each box and what to expect with them all.

So off now to smother myself in lush harrods product and walk around like a Diva..... lol

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July Glossy Box

Well First GlossyBox to review and i was impressed when i opened it.

  • Collin Resultime (Regenerating collagen Gel) Fullsize £47.25/50ml -sample size 15ml
  • Awapuhi Wild Ginger (Texturizing sea spray) Fullsize £18.95/150ml -sample size 25ml
  • Monu (Calming cream) Fullsize £14.95/15ml - sample size 20ml :O)
  • Jelly pong pong cosmetics (Lip Frosting) Fullsize £10.00/15ml -sample size 15ml :O)
  • Kryolan (Satin Powder) Fullsize £4.75/3g - sample size 3g
Extra Product- Elizabeth Arden visable difference skin balancing Line 4 sachets with a oppertunity to take glossycard to Debenhams to get a free deluxe sample.

So overall i was impressed with my first box. A few days previous i had recieved the Harrods Gift Box and adored it. (will post a seperate pic and run down)
So my overall impression of this box was impressed and happy with what i recieved. I love the jelly pong pong more as a cheek stain then a lip gloss as i found it a little to tacky to use as a lip gloss. It smells amazing and i would have probably ate more of it had i applied it to my lips then use it to colour them. The collin regenerating collagen gel is amazing, it goes a long way and i can see my eye looking less tired and i really am enjoying using it.Other then the fact that the full size price is a tad steep its a product you can say you get what you pay for. Awapuhi wild ginger spray was nice smelling but it was very hard to tell if it was making my hair wavy as my hair is naturally curly and rain water would make it kink so its good as in it makes you hair look healthy and its a light spritz for your hair but weither i would buy it , i cant honestly say i would i need more hold with my hair products and i can just imagine my hair being a frizzy mess after a few hours using this spray.
Now the Monu calming cream was amazing i loved this, i applied this before putting my make up on as i cant have very rosy cheeks on a hot day. I wore this and it was wonderful my make up was flawless,no redness at all the whole day. It only took a little application and did a wonderful job. The kyrolan satin powder was genius in its design with a cover and a little hole to put your make up brush in and no chance of those all to firmiliar make up spillages. It was lovely to take a bland colour your used to and always apply and just add this on top to jazz it up and really make your eyes even more of a feature.
Overall i was really impressed with my Glossybox. I used every product and was given some invaluble tips with the calming cream on the type of products available to combat and faux-pas. So roll on August Glossybox :O)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Buzz Agent

Well for those of you who are new to the world of product reviewing i can recommend one site to get you started which is Buzz, Its a site which reviews and has real peoples opinions on new and exciting products coming or on the market that have been either rebranded or just a slight nip and tuck as i would say.
Its an easy site to navigate and is also found on facebook and twitter. Since starting i have done reviews for
  • Halo - Feminine Hygiene Brand
  • Tesco- Taste of India
  • Batiste - Dry Shampoo
  • Tesco - Bakery review
Now its very well laid out and the staff are more then helpful if you come to somthing your not sure on plus with every review deamed good or above you earn 25 points for your clubcard and thats alot of savings if your like me and love your loyalty cards for the christmas madness.

So get a buzzing :O)

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