Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Joliebox Dec 2012 - Party Season

So the december joliebox has arrived and i have to say with great disappointment. I really was expecting more from joliebox with the christmas box being such an eagerly awaited box and not so great comment last month.

It seems that the over taking of birchbox has meant standards of products slipping greatly, when you subscribe you allow for sachets being with a dulux or big sample with substantial product allowance as to gauge the efficency of the product to give the best feedback to the company as possible.

But when its every month you start to wonder if this is just the begining of how things will always be. Now i really dont mind a array of products however what i do mind is when a box is substantially worth less then the subscription fee i paid.

So this is the Joliebox this month with its festive packaging.

And also the complementary Joliemag aswell with the cover being Fiona Leahy, Party planner

Now as to the contents of the box, this is what you saw on opening the box.

So we have -
BellePierre - Shimmer powder in dilegence
Dr Duve - Hand and decollete cream - 2 Sachets
I love....cosmetics - Shimmer and shine lipgloss
Agua de colonia - Alvarez Gomez - Perfume Vial
Colour club - Joliebox custom colour mixes either "put a pin in it" or "insta-this"
Olay - Regenrist skin cream

Well oh my goodness how many times can olay pop up in beauty boxes, Its marketed to a specific brand of woman and age range and well im far from that age catagory. Plus if they are trying to reach a younger market then at least put some promotional material in, jazzy up the packaging or something to show a change or people assume that its just standard old olay.

Sachets of hand cream and a perfume vial - well as i said i really dont mind but well when you not recieving a decent size product. I really dont like perfume in boxes as i find its an unknown and usually cheap perfume mascarading as a high end perfume but smells like socks or old ladies. Really not a hit for me at all and well if the profiles were listened too then i feel jolie have had ample and a fair few comments addressing this issue and seems to fall on deaf ears.

Lipgloss- What can i say its shimmery and a lipgloss, smells nice but i dont like the fact it just comes with a piece of plastic around it for protection as it makes the product cheap then, package your product well companies as in the beauty box world first impressions count and can mean the difference between a whole following of consumers wanting to buy or the other way they avoid you with a barge pole... harsh but true.

BellePierre is the only saving grace of this box, the shimmers are renound for quality and even though the colour i recieved is really not to my taste i know that if i try it i may find some use for it. So only thing good in the joliebox !!

Custom colour nail polish...hummmm now i have had loads of boxes and things in the mail all of which have nail polish i have ammassed a huge collection in one month alone. I know its this years fashion trend but so un-immaginative and boring really.

I have no clue when the birchbox collaberation is happening but it better happen soon or jolie may loose there customer base..I have unsubscribed as well im kind of sick of paying over the odds for samples of cream i can request myself.

So apart from the bellepierre and the 2 lindt chocolate bars.... poor show joliebox very poor christmas box.

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