Friday, 14 December 2012

MUA professional Brow Kit plus 40% offer

Now I'm the first to confess I only use to do general eyebrow tidy-up but it alluded me as to why anyone want to enhance that area.
Oh how wrong I was wow, having seen this kit and read reviews on how to define and use it to its maximum I thought give it a go.
It was only until my mother in law and sister in law came and saw me that the full impact of what looking and treating your brows well does.
Showered with compliments on how well I looked and how shaped my eyebrows were left them all asking how i achieved this look.
So i told them the new brow kit from MUA.
Now it comes with a colour natural to dark brown and lighter hair shades plus a highlighter for the brow bone and also a fixing gel. Also included are a pair of little tweezer which are really brilliant and ive used them really effectively plus also a brow brush to apply the powder to your brow. It is a really dense thin angle brush to ensure a good thin shape on the slimmest part of the brow.

If your looking for a quality brow kit that is really natural looking and to give you a proffessional finish then look no further then MUA and at a reasonable price of £3.50 you cant go wrong.

Now MUA is also well known for its amazing offers in store (superdrug) and online.  Recently with the facebook site getting to 40k followers they ran a promotion for 40% of everything (excluding brushes) plus 5 free nail quakes.
So being nearly christmas and knowing my sister in law loves MUA too i thought treat her to some new makeup and also stock myself up too (any excuse lol )
Here is what i purchased....

Now i think this is amazing for the price i paid over £40 worth of products for £25 with free shipping and the nail quakes too.

Well worth a look if you want to try a brand renound for its highly pigmented products at an affordable price.

Bravo MUA xx

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