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Elemis - Freshskin

Elemis is definatly a skin care brand ive known and really have fell in love with some of the Pro-collegen range last year as my 2012 skin favourites.
Now they have released a range aimed towards teens- early 20's named the fresh skin range. Now i agree and where ever i can say in an article i write to my younger readers "please start a skincare routine" it will pay off believe me. My skin and im in my early 30's, i can see it is definatly changed with enviromental changes around me, plus body changes hormonal etc. So start young even if its a light routine with one or two basic essentials.

So now i know when i was in my teens i would use a flannel and water away i went, teens now are more body consious and will use wipes etc but not really know much else.
The Elemis fresh skin range is amazing, i was sent some products to review really kindly by Elemis as i was intrigued to try something more gentle and see what the range was like as it sounds amazing.

So these products are infused with naturally active ingredients such as elderflower, rosehip oil, apple, goji berries plus free from parabens, SLS and all sorts of nasties, which really does make me think hummm would i rather this or a product aimed at a teen filled with all sorts ? I know which i would choose.

Now its a range with 10 innovative products
  • Peachy perfect - face wash 100ml
  • Softly softly - moisturiser 50mls
  • deep clean purifying face mask 6/7ml
  • Skin glow exfoliating face wash 100mls
  • Dreamy Sleep Night time Moisturiser 50ml
  • Fresh skin wipes (25)
  • Tired eyes Eye serum 15ml
  • Loving lips - Lip balm 10ml
  • Super boost Moisturising serum 30ml
  • Freshskin Discovery Kit
Now i have the peachy peachy face wash, softly softly moisturiser and the tired eye serum to try as a range. Then as if it was fate recieved the face exfoliator in the Glossybox ... amazing.
So i will review them individually as ive used them, so i recieved them last week and have been using them as part of my evening skincare.

  • So First off lets go to the Skin glow exfoliator.

The first thing that will hit you about this little baby is the over-whelming smell it has of apples like fresh sour garden apples in summer. Really reminded me of being in my garden as a teen with the apple trees. Its also looks almost like a pale apple pie filling colour slightly creamy with a lovely scent and the exfoliators it says is cherry powders and jojoba beads, now they are not harsh or scratchy like some exfoliators. Ive used some and been in literal pain washing them off as the scrub was too harsh. As this is aimed at a younger skin and needs to be less harsher i really loved using it. It definatly is my favourite scrub exfoliator as honestly i have been put off using some due to this scratchy sore feeling. So really lovely if you need something to remove impurities of the week and want to really deep cleanse.

  • So the Next one on the List is the Peachy peachy facial wash

One word .... Beautiful face wash. Its not heavy fragrance as the exfoliator its says chicory and lemon which i would say it is but not suckerpunch you in the face ... its only a hint and enough of a hint.  Im not one for facewash thats overly fragranced, sounds mad but if i can smell something under my nose thats overtly of a scent i will be nauseated. This is why i was loving this product all week as its right up my alley in this department. It does go on lovely and really you dont need alot like 2 pumps and thats going light on the pump and you get enough to get a nice not foamy soap but a cleaning soapy feel. It even after one wash my skin was so smooth i was rubbing it going "surely not" and kept doing it as i was amazed. It is this lovely peachy almost irredesent colour. Seriously if you need a face wash and want a gentle one then i urge you.... try this.

  • Softly softly - Daily moisturiser

So the softly softly is enriched with seaweed, it has rosehip and sweet almond oil to ensure the skin recieves and instant hydrating boost. Its definatly rosehip infused and you can smell it as soon as you start to rub the lotion in. It really is highly moisturing without being to heavy on the skin or leaving it feeling like its clogging your pores. Its really like the skin wash it leaves you feeling. like your feeling your fingers and going "wow my skin is amazingly soft" as i was doing this and still am as im typing as its only on reflection you realise how soft your skin actually is. This really is an excellent skincare regime to start a young person on as its not off putting or even excessive. I have used 3 products and if i was say keeping to a budget you could pick and choose and really have great results.

So last and by no means by least
  • Tired eyes

Now this little baby ...... literally i could rock this and sing it a lullaby as it was my saviour this week. Ive been having terrible insomnia with appointments and just life in general. This is a soothing eye serum which as described will gently tighten and help reduce puffiness.
Now this is not anti aging serum this is just to help make you look like less dark eyed and bags basically and it does. It makes your skin again feel incredibly soft, really i kid you not and i know my skin is not that soft normally lol i wish haha well not anymore. So as i say i would use a little of this at night as i dont think over use of eye serums will hurt and then i would apply a little before i would apply all my makeup routine.
I use a dot ... literally a dot will spread on both your undereyes so you can appriciate how long this product will last you.

So my overall impression of the Elemis Freshskin range - Well you can probably already guess im going to give it a huge thumbs up. Its left my skin feeling fresh, soft and upmost not upset. I review alot and i can worry that my constant skipping product to product will break me out. This is so gentle and lovely i didnt worry all week about that and i really will be using this again and again as i love it so much. Really even though it says teen to early 20's dont let that put you off its mearly to encourage that no one is too young to invest in there skin and skin at that age is delicate with all the hormonal changes and one little tilt can make your skin your worst enemy. So i really emplore everyone if you come across this range try it. You wont regret it.
Plus thank you Elemis for letting me try and review these products for you it was a pure and utter pleasure.


  1. I got their scrub in glossybox and love the smell. Nothing beats elemis' cream cleanser though. Love it

  2. I got their scrub in glossybox and love the smell. Nothing beats elemis' cream cleanser though. Love it


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