Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sheercover Primer and Eye Palatte indepth

So sheercover is a well known and popular American branding with basis being totally mineral makeup. I recived this in my December 2012 Luxbox and i saw it and instantly was really excited to see this brand finally get some well deserved distribution to show off its benifits to those who may not know.

I will tell you my experience of sheercover. I used to work as an A and E receptionist and would work the night shift on a regular basis as well im a nightowl. So sheercover was this wonder product i would see on the american teleshopping adverts you see when tv goes off programming hours.

Now i would see celebs like leanne rimes, the actress who played phoebe in charmed rave about the change sheercover made to there lives with the mineral powder step treatments. So like our Bare Minerals brand had taken off, i think this was well as sheercover paved the way for wearable and benifitial mineral makeup. We just havent had it widely distributed till now... Emma Forbes being the UK face of sheercover.

So aswell as the Eyeshadow palatte in the Luxbox we also recieved the Primer base. Now i am a mad avid infact primer user, I dont have a flawless base like when i was in my 20's. I need that undercover to seal in my moisturiser aswell as my skin is cursed dry in the winter. So moisturise and its never to early girls (if id been told in my 20's believe me i would not have to work this hard at achieving a flawless finish )

So Base perfecting Primer and it was a really surprising such a massive sample..... really 40mls and the main benifits of this primer are
  • Smooths Inperfections
  • Minamises the appearence of Pores and fine Lines
  • Dermalogically tested

So the primer is a lightly fragranced and easily absorable light cream. Its says to let dry but really the dry time is so short you wont be waiting long and it leaves this wonderful smooth base like a silky feeling layer on your skin. I love it and as a Primer your skin needs to breathe aswell as leaving a canvas for your heavy makeup and this being aimed at mineral makeup use is perfect. If you want to just use this and then add some powder instead of a full coverage foundation then do as it will hold it on. Its what the range is aimed at. If you havent cracked this baby out of your Luxbox as yet (how ?? ) then please do ASAP !!!

Now the sleek and lovely as i call it, as i literally did gasp. When i did my general review the sheercover palatte got a special picture just to show the immense quality of the packaging, the sleekness the palatte offered was wonderful.


Now ive swatched going left to right along the palatte
  • White Ice - The first top colour is amazing
  • Silver polish - Is a fantastic high pigment silver to really jazz your evening looks
  • Soft Coal - Like a light grey colour
  • Royal Blue - Its really royal blue !!!
  • Deep Violet - like a purpley/reddish colour
  • Starry Night - Like the night sky
These colours are so Pigmented and feel really nice to the touch, not grainy at all. You dont need alot of colour for the most amazing pay-off in pigment and really for an almost unknown british brand. This is amazing. They have a hint of shimmer to them all plus they can create smokey eyes with colour. Not just your typical black smokey eye.

I really love this palatte as the shadows are so pigmented so its really going to last you ages. Plus mineral makeup is something i love on a huge scale. Amazing first offering to show the sheercover range to the british with a punch !

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