Monday, 8 April 2013

High street fashion week - Lillies of the Alley

With everyone jumping on the "I'm a t-shirt designer" bandwagon recently, it's hard to actually find something special among the current mass-produced, mass-worn mediocre pieces. Which is why Lillies of the Alley is so appealing. The brainchild of Nathalie McDonnell was conceived almost four years ago and has been growing ever since.

It all started with friends and passers-by complimenting her customised t-shirts; Nat simply wanted to make designs that no-one else wore, bringing an element of her families Rock N' Roll, music industry background and, in short, putting it on her chest.

The Ts caught the eye of a Topshop buyer, giving Nathalie the chance to showcase five of her design pieces under the Lollipop boutique name at Topshop Oxford Circus. Working with Topshop & Arcadia gave Nathalie a platform for expanding her designs from t-shirts to a brand status- watch out for the hoodies, jumpers, baby-grows and much more.

Collections have since featured in GQ & HUBYO & are now available to buy online at their official online store as well as their boutiques at Runway Republic & Asos Marketplace.

Nat says: "I knew this could be something really special when Debbie Harry (of Blondie, possibly the coolest woman on the planet) wore a hoody I had made her. Seeing my idol in one of my own designs was amazing and definitely a small taste of success.."
We stay tuned for whats next ... 

Lillies of The Alley will be at High Street Fashion Week. They will be participating in the daytime pop up boutique and catwalk show. 

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