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Smooch Cosmetics Review

Launched in 2011 and branded as "Cosmetics with sex appeal", Smooch is still pretty new but wow how i do love there ethos and imagination. The lacy packaging and smooth suede covering, very like a high end brand i love and is just wonderful. 

Heres what Smooch says about there roots 

Smooch Cosmetics, known for their saucy, lacy packaging and highly desirable range of colours. The concept came, quite simply, from a drawer of lingerie. The idea was to create a lust worthy cosmetics brand that was saucy and sexy without being salacious.
Fabulously fashionable, certainly chic and more effervescent than a magnum of Cristal. Kitty always full of ideas, took one of them and created Smooch; a make-up brand destined to excite and inspire the world of cosmetics. 
It all came about whilst getting ready for a celebrity bash. Kitty mused over the fact that cosmetics were a little like underwear – you have your everyday white, black and nudes, the base or foundation of your lingerie collection. Then there are the items you save for special occasions, the highlighters, the products that outline and define drawing attention to those areas you want to focus on. 
Kitty wondered “Why can’t we have a cosmetic range that combines the two?” A range of make-up that could be viewed as basic but made one feel special every day. Launched in 2011 Smooch Cosmeticscurrently create products for Eyes, Face, Lips and Nails. Who needs shades of grey when we have over 50 shades of pink, red, plum, purple…..?  
At Smooch it’s all about confidence. We love our packaging but know that if we were to peel back the lace you’d still have a product that helps you to look good and feel great.

Sounds like my kind of brand and something i think all women will agree with. We all have our favourite "special makeup" but then why should you have to pay a high end price for it ?

So i was kindly sent products from the new collection, Blusher in Glamour puss , Eyeshadow duo in Morticia and a Lipstick in Euro Trash. I love the names and Morticia by far was my favourite being that I'm a huge addams family fan.  So the packaging is as it says in the above statement. lacy and chic with a hint of naughty to it. I find its very classy packaging with the inner case feeling like suede. Im in love with them so far so lets see how the products stand up to testing. 

Eyeshadow Duo - Morticia 

Now i must say i cannot believe how beautiful this Duo is, rich and dark with is black/blue side then hints of a light shimmer, matched with a daring white/light blue silver glittering and amazing colour payoff when applying to the lid. No fallout i found but i use my tape trick all the time, so a little makes no difference to me. Morticia is part of the new, Ladies who lunch range which features 6 shades. 
Im so impressed that the glitter was not chunky nor did it feel scratchy on the eye, as we are lead to believe that higher end brands offer the most buttery plus better quality. Well i can say hand on heart I'm collecting these now as i would happily pay for these knowing they match the quality, at a fraction of the cost, plus the look i achieved was amazing in my eyes with just 2 colours. 
Now i love the new collection plus the main collection. I really am loving the green Duos I've seen, so I'm hoping to stock up on some of them to achieve more amazing looks.

Blusher in Glamour Puss 

So glamour puss is new to the Smooch range and is a matte blush. Its a lovely colour and richly pigmented with a good colour payoff and easily blended out. Now i love dusky pinks for shades so this is a build-able colour and surprised me how bubblegum pink it can go when i was swatching. However in saying that, all blush no matter the shade you will be able to achieve so many variants dependant on how much you build the colour. Finely milled again and of a high quality plus no chalky effect when you apply your brush to the pan, this is high quality affordable makeup at its best. Soft with high pigment plus easily blend able and build-able. Long wearing plus with such little product needed on application you can know confidently this product will last you a good amount of time. 
Finely milled and so soft i will be repurchasing some of these as i love them, they blend so well that you could mix and match colours. I do this with a lot of brands when the blush is of a high quality, as i can use a bubblegum pink and then dampen it lightly with a more neutral colour to skip needing a highlight. Possibilities are endless.

Lipstick in Euro Trash 

 So Euro trash is also from the New sultry days collection which has 9 new shades and this is a blue undertoned bright - pink shade. Now the original collection has an additional 12 shades to pick from if this is too pink for you. The lipstick is a matte cream finish, it says on the website it holds a slight shimmering shade, in certain lights i would agree there is a hint of some form of shimmer but its not a frost finish. Again another product i love and right up my alley for makeup. It reminds me of amped colours plus is right on trend for adding a bit of neon to your makeup looks. This is a bold lip colour so would suit a simple smokey eye with hints of pink toned shadow smoked out. Its not drying nor does it come off easy. Like all lipstick during the day you will need touchups, eating and drinking alone will cause some transference. Now you may say, well surely not with blotting, i have naturally dry lips so i don't want to blot the nourishing creaminess away. I don't really like gloss as i rarely will find a non sticky one and it just makes me aware of more product on my lips. Just like i love full heavy face lipstick, others don't then the same applies with my lips. I don't like gloss unless its just to lightly enhance a colour. So this little madam is going to be with me in my handbag keeping me company.
I love the colour, finish and feel of this lipstick and below is what i created with all the products bar the lipstick as the eye look was very dramatic. So i will use the lipstick in my look post tomorrow or post via Instagram me wearing it. That way i can show true colour payoff and how lovely it sits on the lips.

So here are my looks i created. 

So as you can see Morticia is very pigmented with amazing colour payoff, so good to work with and blend. I was loving the final finished eye look. Plus the blush gave a lovely hint of colour to the cheeks, it worked so well with the Eyeshadow. 
Beautiful, finely milled cosmetics with amazing pigment and a real find.
Im loving this company and i really hope more people invest in finding some smooch cosmetics, as they are fabulous and i will certainly be adding more to my collection. So thank you Smooch for allowing me to review for you. 

What do you think ? Do you own any smooch ?


  1. How lovely do these look? I havent used anything by them but have heard them mentioned xx


    1. defiantly going to purchase more to use and review next month x

      really surprised me x
      thanks hun x

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    1. reminds me of a high end brand :O) x

  3. wow.....also reminds me of a high end brand :D

  4. I was looking for articles on top cosmetics brands in India and I came across yours inspiring read. Thanks!


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