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Nourish Skincare - Protect Mini Kit Review

Nourish is a vegan and impressive range of skincare, inspired by mother nature herself.
Cleanse, Tone and moisturising steps matched with your core skin type.
Then the nurturing step of adding concentrated peptides will have you skin shouting "Hoorah"
 with summer somewhat wanting to burst through the sky, all our skins are a little confused plus dehydrated and not enjoying this period of the year. So now you get your skin radiant with hydration and balance. Plus its vegan and Nature friendly.

Nourish Nature and Nurture

Our skin is a dynamic organ, not simply a surface, but an active interface between our outside world and our inside world, affected every day by both internal and external influences. The way our skin reacts to those influences, how it looks and ages, is most influenced by two factors: core skin type and lifestyle. So we have designed Nourish, a natural, anti-ageing skincare range that is perfect for daily skin care needs (Nature), but also helps you optimise your skin's health around the life you lead (Nurture).

Nourish Mini Kit - Nourish protect for Dry skin types 

So going by the above statement from the company website we can see here the 4 Core types they cater too. Within in each type there will be a range of products best suited to you skin plus help restore its balance and health. We all lead busy lives and the environmental changes around us can have a massive impact on how we should go about treating certain complaints.

So the 4 Skin types and ranges they do are
Dry skin - Nourish Protect
Normal - Nourish Radiance
Sensitive skin - Nourish relax
Combination skin - Nourish Balance
Our Nourish Protect Skin Hero: Vitamin C
As one of nature's most effective antioxidants, Vitamin C helps protect the skin's structural proteins, collagen and elastin, from free-radical damage, ensuring your skin is firm, supple and resilient. Protect features a vitamin-rich extract from fresh, organic Sicilian lemons, bursting with goodness and vitality.

So with this in mind they offered me the Nourish Protect skincare system in a mini kit as pictured above to trial. If your only needing a particular product, you feel you need for your daily routine you can also buy them separately. So I'm of the Dry skin category and that means I'm Nourish Protect. Thats one of the beautiful things about these kits, as now i know once summer and the weather generally rises a few degrees, i notice my skins not as difficult to control. The mini kits are beautiful and so well presented. They encompass the vegan and natural ethos of the company so well with its design. Its very arty without being over the top on the front, plus the labels are straight and too the point of what its for and will do. I like that the nourish logo is simple plus the Protect range it has almost a citrusy smell.

Nourish Protect Mini Kit contents 

So the Nourish protect range is made up of Carrot extract, Omega Shea butter and Vitamin E, Now it also says these ingredients act as natural anti-aging to soften the skin and help prevent further dehydration taking place. So the First step is Cleansing lotion which is made up of gentle emollients, packed full of water and lemon extract, which is why i could smell the citrus scent. Plus essential oils and also sunflower oils and orange scents too. Now this cleanser is lovely, i used it on a damp wipe and it really does break down the oils and hidden nasties on the skin you may have missed. Then i just take a cold cotton pad and lightly sweep my face again to remove any residue, not that i could feel any but its whats advised in the directions.


Then the next step is Toning with the Protect cooling Toning mist. Now toner closes the pores helps the prevention of build-up, Again with a citrus smell this light mist leaves an even coverage, i found one spray sufficient enough as the pump is very good. It really does find the contour of the face for that even layer of product. Now its to balance pH and for the preparation for moisturiser  and serums. I use this in the morning and night time regimes. As i find it very refreshing and it really wakes me up, plus seems to make my "eye bags" less prominent , Again similar ingredients to the cleanser.

Cooling Toning Mist 

Here we move onto the Moisturiser which seems to be a very popular product indeed. Packed with Rose-hip, Orange and mandarin oils, this signature blend they say is full of natural anti-oxidents and will help protect the skin. Now i would say this is a really light cream and really all these products absorb so well and quickly into the skin. Im loving the scents of them all, as with some natural products i do find the scent a little over bearing. Then i cant enjoy the whole process of just unwinding down. So if your the same and want subtle scent then try these products as they are brilliantly balanced in scent too. I smell like a fresh lemon in hot water. Really lovely scents plus fresh and calming.

Nourish Moisture Protect 

So finally in the Mini kit we have the Protect Replenishing peptide serum, which is again packed full of natural oils. It says its the perfect hydrator leaving the skin feeling nourished and protected. Now this is universal to all skin types. With the reason being that it retextures the skin and then gives it a rejuvenated look. Plus can be used as a protecting primer. Now i really like this Serum as you need 1 pump then i rub my fingers together and smoothed over the skin. Now it does spread really well and also i used a downward motion like all the primers i use to get a even finish. Now it does say apply a small amount to fingertip then dot around the face like you would apply foundation. Plus in hindsight i did think i maybe used a little too much with a full pump. So now that i know it should be used more sparingly so my makeup does not slide all over the place.

Replenishing Peptide Serum 

So what do i think, well I love the Mini kit as its got a gentle, natural selection of products that i have fallen in love with especially the cleanser and the Serum. I cannot see the serum lasting me too long as i always use a primer, plus i would apply a little dot before bed to just keep my cheeks nicely hydrated.
The moisturiser is really good and absorbs well but when it comes to moisturisers i have to use them for ages and see noticeable difference. So i can say my skin is softer and it really has opened my eyes to the cleanser, as i own a tool to help cleanse my face. I don't like using it each night as it would just break me out from over-use. So this cleanser i can see the left over makeup and just nasties i thought i had removed. Plus it freshens you up in the morning combined with the mist.
So out of the whole kit i would repurchase the Mist toner, cleanser and most defiantly the serum. Its an affordable brand too, so i would defiantly repurchase the full sized items. Im forever needing primer plus this doubles as serum, The mist i think i could use as a cheaper version of a Fix plus (will be trying  that duo to see ) to close my pores again before makeup application, then poor cleanser would be called for to remove all this mess i create in look-book posts, so there is my rational to having full sized items.
So thank you nourish.

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  1. Really really nice products I am using the balance range with the apple water and its just amazing !


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