Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NUXE Review - Creme fraiche de beaute

A parisian award winning company, NUXE is by far the most interesting companies to watch in terms of exciting innovation. Within there company the strive to get the best of what nature can offer and believe it holds properties in which we can help build and improve upon the health of our skin.
Sourcing the finest natural ingredients and refraining from the use of mineral oil, animal products and parabens, they take a sustainable approach to the production of there products.
Plus they also support the campaign, A home for Bees.

They say 
A natural company with the influence in that plants are therapeutic and building upon the philosophy of 5 natural points and a philosophy of Beauty by Nature.

  • Nature as my inspiration. As an inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, it is key to my vision of cosmetics.
  • Innovation as a motor. Since its creation, NUXE has had its very own R&D laboratory. Today, there are 37 patents in submission and others are being studied.
  • Evaluation as standard. A product is only launched if its safety and effectiveness are proven through rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.
  • Accessibility as a major focus. The most effective treatments are not always the most expensive. I therefore strive to offer consumers high-performance products at the right price.
  • Sensoriality as a foundation. In order to blend effectiveness and regularity of use, I am very conscious of creating delightful textures, delicate fragrances and enchanting names.

Leading in the field of cosmetic research and holding a record of 70 awards, you can trust the NUXE has taken the time and really gone the distance with each product it releases. 
I was kindly sent the new "Creme Fraiche de Beaute" to review, described as a botanical milkshake to moisturise and Sooth the skin for 24hours. Which is what my skin is in need of now that its the end of the dry period winter had plagued upon me. I can use NUXE to replenish the skin in hopes that the 24 hour system rings true. As it will save me time in having to reapply during the day.

Creme Fraiche de Beaute Light - 24 hour soothing Emulsion 
Quenches and Matifies for Combination Sensitive Skins

Main points 
Light formula for combination skin, stays matte all day 
Use morning or evening after cleansing
Ideal makeup base 
Contains rice powder to soak up excess oils

This light formula is aimed at combination skin however I'm a drier skin, i think its a lovely product , it stays matte so i find that i can use it as a moisturiser and double up on my priming. As this makes sure i have moisture and is ideal as a base too which will suit me more for summer months. The rice powder it has contained makes it ideal for oily skins, as it will soak up excess and your makeup won't slide during the day. Plus i found it to absorb so well on application , that i used it in the evening when we have been getting the odd humid night to just moisturise my skin intensely. Its a gel like consistency and you only need a little for it to cover the face evenly. Plus it doesn't take ages to absorb.
Then when absorbed i know my face will be protected. Im loving its a multi-use product and i just love having it on my dresser. The ability to if i want a light brush of makeup i can use this as a primer as its so weightless on the skin, then also as a hydrator for night time after i cleanse.

Creme Fraiche de Beaute / Normal - Sensitive skins 
Moisturising cream 

So the claims are that with Active ingredients, mostly being 8 plant milks plus
aloe vera sap, you know from the addition of milk and aloe alone this is for hydrating. I used to use aloe for my sunburns. So that being said plus the claims it will reinforce the skins moisture levels, I was interested to see if this was actually true. The texture is a very light, plus absorbed quickly on application. This was very evident on my skin, however being if a dry category. I can read a good cream by its absorption and if it leaves a residue from just sitting there instead. 
So it did leave my skin feeling moisturised. As will lock this in and soak up, without being uncomfortable or feeling a residue. The scent you might think will bring you out in a rash or breakout, however on reading the ingredients, I found the scent was intact the oils contained in the cream. The almond is not so prominent but the light hit if orange is, without being over-powering. 
With all these natural ingredients being merged to form the best cream to cater women and men who love natural products that work. I can find allergy season to be just as challenging with itchy skin, It's reduced my irritation fully. I'm already a good halfway into my tub from constant use this week. 

x Holy Grail Item from Tara's Treats x
Rive de Miel - Lip moisturising stick
for dry chapped lips

Now this wasn't sent for a review, but i did want to show you that this lip balm is my holy grail.
Now this is my makeup staple I wanted to show you. I buy this every winter as it really moisturises and feels amazing on the lips. It's made with Argan oil, Shea butter, nut oils and loads of natural goodness.

It's smells of honey lightly and has Vitamin E. I use this as its fantastic to apply a little before adding your makeup, as when it comes time to add your lipstick. The lips will be moist and make the application of your lip colours easier. Especially with a Matte formula lipsticks, as I find matte does enficise the dryness. You might think I'm a little mad but it lasts age, doesn't coat the lips so you feel it sitting uncomfortably. It just soaks in and when you rub your lips, that's when you can feel it still there. 
So no need to keep on and on, applying through the day. 

So there you have it, I love NUXE as its facial oil and Lip balm make my winter skin so much happier, but these new products just take me to a whole new realm of exploration. I cannot wait to try some more of these collections, as its becoming clear that my skin does love them. 


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