Thursday, 6 June 2013

Neutrogena Wave Cleansing system

Neutrogena has brought out the wave, along with other brands hoping to claim some space in the currently clarisonic only competition and with a substantial price tag, women want value, ability to match the cleansing power but also a chance to experience deep cleansing for a fraction of the price.
A clarisonic is expensive and a definite investment which i really did go back and forth with then only with the allowance of QVC ability to easy pay i made the jump. 

So with the Wave and other products coming on the market i wanted to see if they match the cleansing powder and durability of a clarisonic. So now im a regular clarisonic user so i figured i could not fairly test this against it as a break out could simply be due to change in routine and not the actual wave.

So with the enlisted help of my sister in law, we both put the Wave to the test. She has a combination skin which the products are aimed at as to clean the pores. On removing the unit, it comes with a battery plus enough pads to clean the skin for 2 weeks. So the pad is simply removed with a tiny press clip in system and the battery is again the same press button system to open the pink panel.
You just need to wet with water and use you usual cleaner then your ready.

My sister in law reported on first use that her skin felt amazing, so clean and soft which was the same response i had when first using my clarisonic. So while the Wave does vibrate a lot it essentially does the same job for far cheaper. Now she has not as far reported any skin irritation or break outs as yet. So will keep you updated on the progress.

So whilst i can see all these products emerging from skincare brands, hoping for a slice of the electronic cleanser market. This offering from neutrogena seems actually very reasonable plus yes not as aesthetically designed, with that i mean the vibrations are more noticeable. The pads will last 2 weeks (if they get that dirty) and yes a clarisonic brush head can last you up to 3 months. I think again its personal preference how much you chose to use this product. I personally do not use my clarisonic daily as i don't feel i need to, every other day is fine for me and my skin.

So i will do a blog update post on all these products I've mentioned to give an idea of how its performed, did breakouts happen and also are the claims true.

What do you think of these new cleansers coming on the market ? can they rival the clarisonic ?


  1. I've been using the Wave for a few weeks. It's ok but I've not really noticed much of a difference in my skin to be honest. I'm 36 with dry skin & suffer from occasional breakouts.
    I caved in and ordered a clarisonic from qvc yesterday using easy pay. I'm hoping that I'll see a noticeable difference in the appearance & texture of my skin with the clarisonic but if I don't at least qvc have a 30 day money back guarantee which was also a deciding factor for me.

    1. I'm the same with dry skin and my clarisonic has helped in exfoliating and absorption of moisturiser. However I don't use mine daily or I know I would purge. I must say she had oily to young flawless skin so if its not a problem the wave might be good for just if you feel your skin needs a good clean.
      Thank you for your comments and visiting my blog always good to know about another persons experience with products.


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