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Latest in Beauty - Glamour box

So its been a while since I have purchased a latest in beauty box, simply because I own alot of samples and enjoy these products. However as any beauty lover and blogger will tell you, we need a break to sort our product boxes , gift them to family or help send each other "parcels of love as I call them"

This box was a collaboration with Glamour magazine's beauty director, Alessandra Stienherr and from first glance we were all wow that has a lot in it, that i personally wanted to try as have never had the funds nor can get to the store to sample. It was a lovely gift to whom i will say a massive thanks too always for being by my side. 

So the box is a black sleek and the products inside have tissue paper wrapping with a Glamour sticker

Box contents -
L'oreal super liner Gel in Golden Black 
Batiste Dry shampoo in Original
Benefit's Porefessional 
Ginvera green tea - Marvel gel 
Revlon - Nail polish
Jinnylash strip eyelashes 
John frieda -Frizz ease Original formula
The vintage cosmetic company - Tweezers 
Stila - Lipglase

So as you can see the samples are of a quality size to get a good indication if the product is for you and choose to repurchase.  I would have preferred maybe a summer scent batiste to really make the box have something jazzy, but the original is fine and most people either like floral or fruit scents. So i can see they catered for everyone. 

Now I'm going to be doing individual reviews on some of these products and the L'oreal gel liner has been in my look-books as my staple eyeliner. However i do feel they need to change the brush to suit a beginner to liner application. So il go through the products I've used and give a idea of what i think personally.

L'oreal gel liner - Its defiantly my top eyeliner of choice, as i really like that its not dried out and gives a  dark black colour payoff, plus sets very quickly so there is little chance of transfer (Im using my black one before i open this as i don't like to waste good products). I personally like the brush but I've been using eyeliner for over 12 years, so for a beginner this may be not the correct choice and a stiffer angled brush would have been a better option. 

Batiste Dry shampoo - This is a godsend and i did the buzz trial when it was first released. I have 2 travel cans always on standby for hospital bags and a main bigger can in Tropical on my dresser. It adds volume to teased hair, takes away the greasy feel if you haven't had the time to wash your hair fully. Believe me when i say that constant hair washing is not good for the hair as it strips it of the natural oils, so this is meant for those days where you want some bounce and freshness back. 

Jinnylash strip eyelashes - Now these are a pain and I've given up on them as the band was so thin and fiddly the time taken i could have applied my Kiss eyelashes and be away. The glue comes in a tube which baffles me as if you press to hard its like toothpaste and a big blob comes out. I do want to find some lovely lashes and eyelash glue. For now i will continue on with my Kiss and value Primark ones. I also have some Ardell which are fabulous to use and i keep them for looks as they have diamontes on them.

John frieda frizz ease - My goodness this was all i used growing up being of thick and curly hair category. I haven't used it in such a long time as I've had hair oils in beauty boxes which I've loved and used so had no need to purchase. However this serum is amazing and I'm so glad to have a sample back in my drawer again to use. I would love to see how this compares to the Richard ward bottle i have.

The vintage collection tweezers - Come in a lovely packet and also band to pace on the top so they don't loose there grip and spring. I loved using these to do my brows the other day and they really do get them pesky ones that seem to be in odd angles. 

The only products I'm yet to try are the Porefessional, Stila in this colour ( i have others and like them, but wish to use them before i open this.) The Ginvera i haven't tried but i know of from other beauty boxes in the past, i wish to save this as its a great travel size for my hospital bag in maintaining my skin.  The revlon nail polish is a lovely coral colour i will be using, I've heard that it is really long wearing and doesn't chip easily plus drys quick. Brilliant as i hate having to wait for pain to dry. 
So again another fabulous box from Latest in beauty, there collaboration with The beauty bible was stunning and this offered just as much value plus quality in the thought behind being a cohesive well thought of box. It seemed to have a product for each area you would want a product to try. Plus not bombarded with skincare, as most beauty boxes are. I crave makeup boxes which is why i un-subscribed from most of the mainstream ones on the market and will gladly purchase boxes like this. 
I have just signed up to one with a fantastic concept and you will find out more about this soon. 

Did you purchase the Latest in beauty box in collaboration with Glamour ?


  1. Some great products you have in there, especially the Green Tea Marvel gel xx


  2. Visiting from Ahola Friday. I'd like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at And who knows, you may just get featured next week.

  3. There looks some great products in the box!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  4. This seems like a great box! I used to get glossy box but ended up feeling disappointed mostly with the products!

    Corinne x


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